God of War: Ascension Early Beta Access Goes To The Spartans, New Videos And Screen

MP1st- Early God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta is among us, as players of the browser title, Rise of The Warrior have reached the targeted point mark.

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Nitrowolf21608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Guys don't forget to register, should be at 2 million within the hour

Ares901607d ago

Can you explain me what is that about?

Nitrowolf21607d ago

well it's over now, but it was for early Beta access to GOW A multiplayer

Ares901606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

and those 2 millions, what do these numbers represent?

Nitrowolf21606d ago

just points earned by the team, once a team reaches 2 million that winning team wins beta access

jb12761607d ago

Spartans vs Trojans.. was there ever any doubt

violents1607d ago

how do you check if you were spartan or trojan, I forgot cause its been so long ago. I got all 600 points but it never really says which team your on except for when you start the account.

The_Klank1607d ago

When you complete the riddles you see your score and team at the bottom of the page, oh you can get 900 points now too btw.

violents1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Mabey I'm just being dumb, but I cant find any other places to get points from.

Nitrowolf21607d ago

it's no longer displayed because it's finished.

kingmushroom1607d ago

wooow!!!!! "Spartans ! Tonight we dine in Hell !!!"

Tontus1607d ago

I sadly got put on team Trojan but my brother got Spartan so I'm going to steal his beta code! I can't wait to start playing it! :D

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