Far Cry 3 | Gamer Nation Review

Liam Richardson delivers his verdict on Far Cry 3, awarding the latest instalment in the popular open world survival series, our second perfect score.

"Packed full of clever ideas, beautiful graphics, interesting concepts and solid gameplay, Far Cry 3 could well be the greatest game released this year, something I (and probably a lot of other people out there) never thought they’d hear themselves say."

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WeskerChildReborned1609d ago

This is probably like the fourth perfect score i've seen for this game.

The_Infected1609d ago

This game must be beyond good. All I've seen is very good ratings and lots of perfect scores.

TooTall191609d ago

How are the max Graphics on PC?

GiantFriendlyCrab1609d ago xL7Jw

GiantFriendlyCrab1609d ago vKCW4

finbars751609d ago

I was going to say check out justin tv.UE got the gme already and it looks sick.The game plays smooth and the single player is epic from what I have seen played already.everyone on justin tv playing it reccomends this game to everyone.I cant wait until tuesday.

meevil1609d ago

Very nice from what I can tell, but we only got to see a pre-release build of the PC version.

Still looked incredible.

ikral1609d ago

Downloaded Savage Edition from PS Store, tried it for half hour, had to go to work. Seems good, I hope it will immerse me like Far Cry 2 did.