Rage: The Scorchers DLC outed by Trophies leak

Previously-rumoured Rage expansion The Scorchers has seemingly been outed after its Trophies appeared online.

The award list, posted online by PS3Trophies, appears to confirm a new campaign, fresh locations to shoot through and a number of mini-games.

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seanpitt231973d ago

This as took so time to come out. ID sure know how to take there time I bet alot of people sold there copy of the game because it had zero replayability.

Lordchunk1973d ago

yeah i sold mine three weeks ago it was a fun game but lacked replay value they took their time making this.

BenRage31973d ago

I liked Rage. If the expansion is worthy, I'll buy it.

Eldyraen1973d ago

Have it on PC and hope its true and not just a rumor or hoax. I'd love me some more Rage, especially as have it on PC and runs much smoother now. I have faith that they would had listened to some of the feedback and hopefully took it to heart (to me most were minor complaints, other than ending and some coop lag when rented on PS3 to play with a friend).

I hope it does well but since it has been so long I know quite a few probably sold their copy by now which won't help sales any (hopefully Bethesda will come out with Rage+dlc at reduced price for new sales+return buyers). I'd love Rage to be a franchise and not just a one time game as I'd love to see where they could take it--especially if opened up the travel areas a little more to allow for non-vehicular combat a bit more (or have a few more open "dungeons" to change things up).

Also I'd love to see a more post apocalyptic urban quest/location hub as I think it would be awesome to drive around in a deserted/ruined cityscape similar to Undead City but on a grander scale. In many ways my favorite quests were those that had you visit fallen humanity locations instead of the more militant locations or even some of the "natural" ones. There are enough different locations in a city where it could be varied enough not to get too tiresome (destroyed neighborhoods, sewers, above ground municipals (energy/water especially as would be a huge resource to control), skyscrapers (open aired at that), recreational (zoos, amusement parks, and museums are all potentially awesome--zoo would allow for some wicked enemy types though), among others. I sort of got sidetracked there, but just saying I would love to see more variety in any possible future Rage titles (wont hold my breath, but I can hope and at least Rage isn't completely forgotten about).

Looking forward to just the possibility of more Rage and hope it does happen even if only dlc.