Overlord to PS3

Overlord is comming to the PS3. The dutch gamestudio Triumph Studios sold almost 1.000.000 copies on the Xbox 360 and PC.

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DarkSniper3659d ago

Another XBOX 360 exclusive that is lost. Developers are quickly realizing that all of their hopes and dreams can be fully maximized on PLAYSTATION® 3. Overlord will surely see a much improved port due to the internal hardware muscle of PLAYSTATION® 3.

Microslaves, how long will it be before you decide to stand up for yourselves and demand that your exclusives are kept on your platform?


MK_Red3659d ago

Awesome news. Overlord is a truly great game that sadly many people missed it when it was released. Now all gamers across PC, 360 and PS3 can enjoy this funny and dark little gem.

TheZippo3659d ago

Indeed! I had no idea that this game be as good as it was. Definitely a good addition for PS3 owners!

BenzMoney3659d ago

You really thought Overlord was good??? Wth? Am I missing something because I thought the game was garbage.

Da360sucks3659d ago

i dont care about this game

Cartesian3D3659d ago

it would be better if it was in 2007 .. in 2008 PS3 will have many good games(and some MEGA hit!) ...

so they must sell this game with more content and 40$ price.. may be someone buy it :P

BTW i played this game alittle on PC .. and it was really FUNNY lol ..I destroyed everythin I saw (I could be more friendly with rural people but I like to be evil with those little freak slaves :D )

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The story is too old to be commented.