New PS Vita bundle comes with PS Plus subscription, game, inadequate memory card

XMNR: Sony announced a new PS Vita bundle Thursday that comes with a year's subscription to Playstation Plus and a download voucher for Unit 13 but an unfortunately tiny memory card for game storage.

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tachy0n1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


at the price it is more than perfect... remember people rumoring the PSVita going for $400+??

do some research of the specs and capabilities of it and you will see..

the 4GB memory card is great for people planing on only buying physical games!

sony offers the free ps+ membership so people can try it and its up to them, if they like it they can go and buy a bigger memory card and if they don't, they don't have to.

otakukidd1937d ago

Weren't people complaining that Sony should at least give a 4 gig card.

eferreira1937d ago

People will always complain and want everything for free. Nintendo always gets a pass. Sony always gets hates.

modesign1937d ago

your paying 200 for the vita, 50 for 13/4gig memory card, and 50 for PS plus. cant really tell if its a good deal.

eferreira1937d ago

if you read, you can see it COMES with ps plus. God some people on here just ain't right/

tiffac0081937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

The bundle also comes with a 4GB memory card. Which I think should be standard for all Vita purchase.

So players can start with something and just upgrade to a bigger card when they want to.

bigcupofSTFU1937d ago

not only that but, you if you dont want the free ps+ you can flip it along with unit 13. so it still comes out good (although i honestly dont see the point since ps+ is great)

nugnugs1936d ago

I got mine with a 4GB card, sold that for a discount on an 8GB and so on until I finally got a 32GB card.
They are pretty pricey but if you shop around or buy second hand you can get a reasonable price.