Black Ops 2 Prestige Glitch Discovered

A glitch for Blacks Ops 2 has surfaced that is allowing users to instantly rank to level 55 without the need of modified consoles or joining modded lobbies.

What do users need to do to take advantage of this glitch? ...

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moneybag1234561841d ago

This is only for XBOX. Please change the console to XBOX only.

knocknock1841d ago

I wouldn't do this glitch your asking to get your account reset if not banned. I've already heard of alot of people who have lost emblem creation and voice chat due to rude conduct, cheating is likly to be taken even more seriously.

konnerbllb1841d ago

They can take away voice privileges? Awesome :)

dooge1841d ago

A glitch in a COD game?'re lying.

The Meerkat1841d ago

I saw a 10th prestige this morning.

I just thought it was someone from South Korea!
But now I understand

JKelloggs1841d ago

Probably not due to the glitch.

There are a lot of 10ths around, legit.

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The story is too old to be commented.