Call of Duty: Black Ops II first-year sales could be down 15%

Sterne Agee analyst says Activision shooter series looks like it's in for second straight year of declines.

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1941d ago
WilliamH1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Activision has to give this series a year or two off, if they don't it will die & surprisingly quick at that

XboxInnovation1941d ago

They don't care they're already rich from cod, they're gonna continue to capitalize on it every year until Bungies new game releases

Voyevoda1941d ago

My PS3 keeps on randomly turning off while I am playing multiplayer. I spent more time restarting the system than actually playing. It's really fustrating.

ZeekQuattro1941d ago

That sucks. You would think having worked with the PS3 for years they would get the hang of the PS3's quirks. Makes me think back to FO3:GOTY edition. I played that game ad nauseam. There were times when I would turn on my PS3 only for it to immediately shut down on me. I thought it was dieing. I then stopped playing FO3 and surprise the system works fine and doesn't randomly shut off anymore. The game froze a lot too so that probably stressed out my PS3.

LAZL0-Panaflex1941d ago

Buy the xbox version, looks and plays better

Muffins12231940d ago

Yea....i dont know why "LAZLO-Panaflex" got disagrees..what he said was true.The xbox version runs and looks better than the ps3 version..i guess just butt hurt ps3 users disagreeing lol

Skate-AK1941d ago

I played for 5 hours last night and didn't freeze once. PS3 version.

ZeekQuattro1940d ago

I believe you. It only started freezing on me after I got a little over half the game completed. Before that I only experienced slowdown particularly after V.A.T.S mode was initiated.

Fishy Fingers1941d ago

Yeah, they'll be lucky to just break even...

WeskerChildReborned1941d ago

So a Guitar Hero all over again? Anyway, i kinda hope they drop COD or at least put in more years for more quality. Milking is not needed and their's a reason why some devs don't wanna milk their series and that is because some devs actually care about their fanbase and the quality of the games, To me, Activision doesn't as long as they are making that money.

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The story is too old to be commented.