More images from Arc System's 2D fighter Battle Fantasia

Just recently Arc System revealed in Famitsu that it is currently developing a 2D fighting game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Battle Fantasia will feature a very interesting design and colorful graphics, with on top of that a very unique style of gameplay. Today the first real images of the game have been revealed. Battle Fantasia is slated for May 2008 release in Japan. No word yet on a possible American/European release.

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gambare3831d ago

It looks promising, something different from their previous fighting titles.

KidMakeshift3831d ago


I've been waiting for this game to hit the consoles. The arcade version is pretty fun

Robearboy3831d ago

Then i think i will give it a miss, looks like a ps2/xbox game. 800 points i reckon, maybe 1200 if there is a rpg element like tekken

RIPHDDVD3831d ago

Blaz-Blue looks way better than this.

Sevir043831d ago

because this doesn't look anywhere near as good as BlazBlue.. and i'd much prefer Blazblue to this... secondly BlazBlue is exclusive to PS3. i like exclusives over multiplats either way, it's a fighter and it's 2d, and it's promising so i'lltry it. when ever they do release it here n the states a demo of it would be nice

Enigma_20993831d ago

... oh it's not HIGH REZ HD 3D graphics... I'll pass...

for all you know, there could be a kickass fighting game engine here, and just because the graphics look dated compared to what runs across your HDTV, you kick it to the curb...

... this is why 2D is dying.... because people like you are killing it.