DPAD Grand Theft Auto IV Preview

Gaming's bad-boy is coming in just a couple of months. While other games took the GTA style and ran with it, Rockstar aims to reclaim its throne. DPAD's Andrew Martins takes an in-depth look to the next installment in Liberty City.

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jinn3745d ago

GTA4 will set records worldwide with its release cuz this looks really good and much improved than the previous GTAs. To experience this game from its best, i suggest u get this game for the xbox360. i think this has more of a story and the addition of realism in it. i like the way they changed the movement using both the analogs and an over the shoulder aiming system. I'm still concerned about the multiplayer and hoping that it turns out to be 4 player splitscreen since i don't have xbox live. Now that i found out that Niko is a Russian, it makes me want to play the game even more and i think the characters so far seem to have their own story. I also like that now u could only carry 1 heavy weapon, a side arm, and a knife, it adds to the realism. This is my game of the year already cuz i feel confident that this will be huge in sales.