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Jim Sterling writes, "One of those rare games where I feel no mode has been damaged by the inclusion of any others, Far Cry 3 is a well-rounded package that provides a mass of content clearly produced by developers who cared deeply about what they were doing. Far Cry 3 is going to be the last major mainstream release of 2012, and after quite a spotty year, I can at least say this industrious triad of amusements ends the past 12 months on a high note."

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led10901815d ago

Jim Sterling not giving this a 6/10????!!!!! Has to be the best game ever :p

Hasanhastam1815d ago

Great Gameplay Story Graphic.Content and VASS are something That packed in far cry 3. I read some reviews but they didnt mention any negative point.

blackstrr4111815d ago

Just one question. The going from place to place is it like far cry 2? I hated that

Feralkitsune1815d ago

They have fast travel I believe.

Hasanhastam1815d ago

No it has fast travel and also glider that seem great

Plagasx1814d ago

And also it's just all around fun to roam around the map unlike FC2...

Locksus1815d ago

Ah, the game looks phenomenal. Vaas' has an awesome voice actor and I'm looking to get the game by Christmas. I loved the look of it!