Planetside 2 Impressions: Everyone Fights, No One Quits... You Get Me? | Dealspwn takes a look at the first week of Planetside 2 while the full review is still in progress.

Dealspwn writes: "But Sony Online Entertainment were quick to address their mistakes, and over the last week, we've been spending all the free time we can spare in Planetside 2's enormous, sprawling, organic battles. As a tiny part of a titanic war machine, players choose a faction and swap classes to push across the continents; ground pounding, joining armoured convoys, hurtling through the skies or smashing through enemy lines in drop pods alongside thousands of others. Battle lines flow and ebb, factions rise and fall and - most amazing of all - casual fairweather gamers fight shoulder to shoulder with veteran outfits. Thanks to the versatile class system and quick respawn times, it's easy to get involved and start helping with little in the way of prior experience.

In short, Planetside 2 is absolutely astounding, because it lets you play things you'd only ever see in cutscenes elsewhere."

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