Tales of Hearts R - Galando and Chase Link Videos "The Tales of Hearts R official site has been updated with three new videos: Galando Grinus's character introduction and battle videos and a system video for the new Chase Link system."

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profgerbik1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

This game looks like it needs to be on the PSP. The graphics are pretty bad for a Vita game.

Character animations are good but seriously look at everything else, the environments suck ass, the character designs are even bland, the color is all drowned out for some reason even on a Vita of all things and even the monsters look poorly developed..

Maybe that is just how this series is? I have no idea but when I see these screen shots first thing that comes to mind "Is this a PSP game?"..

Look very similar to old Naruto games on PSP.

tubers1842d ago

Yeah it doesn't look that great but I'm sure it'll look much better person. It seems to be running at vitas native res at least.

Lovable1842d ago

The series doesn't really boast on graphics. It's always been bland environment, but it excels on the battle

belac091842d ago

i hope we get this in the states, PLEASE!!!

tiffac0081842d ago

Come on Baba, localize your Tales games, we don't care if they are ports just bring them over already. You already left us out with the DS don't repeat it with the Vita.