Warning: Look Out For The Philips TVs That Aren't Compatible With The PS3

A MaxConsole reader recently purchased a new Philips 37" TV in order to play his PS3 on. After a while he started noticing a small interlacing flicker even in 1080p even when browsing the menu of the PS3. But after playing Everybody's golf, the real problem started as he wasn't able to pull of a perfect shot (something of which he could do easily on other friend's TVs). He tried all sorts of combinations before concluding the TV is slow, about 1/10 of a second latency between the PS3 and the picture. So ultimately, he sent along an e-mai to Philips who asked him to understand that a TV is not manufactured with the standards of PS3 games.

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skagrerrrr3686d ago

that was an unlucky purchase

Real Gambler3686d ago

They should put a big warning on the box. Most HDtvs are below 6 ms refresh rate today. Somehow I doubt it though. I don't even think there's an LCD with such a low refresh rate on the market. They would only be good for flight display in airports, but even then, with such a slow refresh rate, you could miss a flight ; )

romemac73686d ago

i myself have a philips 32" LCD 1080i,720p HDTV with pixel plus 3HD and it works grate with my PS3. so i don't what this guy talking about and why do people thing this is some how the PS3 doing? lol. my philips has a 8ms pixel response time btw and works grate like i said before. and this is coming from a guy that plays COD4 all day long and i never had any slow response time on my image, so am guessing this must be the older philips HDTV and not the new ones like my.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

your gonna miss out on a few sale because of this.

they should write.

"not compatible w/ ps3" on the box at least.

or better yet,

stop being a CHEAPSKATE Philips!

YoMeViet3686d ago

"TV is not manufactured with the standards of PS3 games"???

Let me translate: "Our TV SUCKS"

Comon now it's a HDTV with 1080p and it can't handle playing games? That's a shame Philips...FOR SHAME.

Meh My 52-inch Bravia beats his TV anyday.

gamesblow3686d ago

I have a 1080P bravia and a 1080P 47 in ambilight that I bought after moving and I've had no problems on it at all. As a matter of fact, I like the contrast and picture better on the ambilight, if you ask me. The ambilight actually offers me more customizable options than my bravia too.

The perfect pixel/w pan or wide HD fit is flawless on the Ambilight... my bravia has noise very prevalent in it.

I've no problems at all with the ambilight.

BrianC62343686d ago

This should be filed under the old saying You get what you pay for. These HD TVs are all different. I don't have one yet but when I do buy one I'll make sure it can handle real gaming. Maybe the ms rating on his TV is really slow. I remember when LCDs first came out for computers. The average had a 25 to 30ms rating. That was no good for gaming. I bought one with an 8ms rating. Then I upgraded to a new Samsung 20" LCD and it was rated at 5ms.

You shouldn't skimp on your HD TV. Not if you want to play games on it. If you can't afford a good TV with 1080p then drop down to a good 720p TV. I think the 1080p is important but other features could be more important. Maybe somone should make a site that lists all the important things to look for in HD TVs and list them for each TV. It's such a complicated thing to deal with.


i dont use the ambient light , ( noisy ) what are you taliking about ????? ( turn off the ambient light you dont need it ) if you have a bravia...

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