Ninja Theory Next Game to be revealed at GDC ?

At the Ninja Theory official site, some people noticed that there is a new banner showing a destroyed city in somewhat a futuristic setting... Could this be the new Ninja theory game? And will it be revealed at GDC?

Ninja theory on the site homepage said:

"Right now we're working on an exciting new concept that has got everyone we talk to buzzing. We can't say a lot except that it's going to be great to work on and should be even better to play! It'll take all the things we loved about Heavenly Sword and make them bigger and better than ever before."

Hit the jump to see the banners.


Another Banner can be found here:

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btkadams3659d ago

for all we know it could be heavenly sword 2...though unlikely from the shots in the banner. but you never know what direction their taking the series [future, or maybe some new evil causing some shiz to go down]

decapitator3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Personally, I don't care what they are working on but whatever it is, I can tell you this though:



Great artworks, I knew this would be day one for me.

sonarus3659d ago

i think it will be hsword 2 to be honest. But whatever they are doing would be nice to see. Hsword was a pretty good game if it had harder difficulty and was longer

Violater3659d ago

knows how to excite the graphics enthusiast in me.
I'm hoping for an open world game.

Anything but Cute3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

It looks like some futuristic world with lots of machinery. But at the same time, it might have ancient roots.

I actually hope it's not Heavenly Sword 2. That game sadly didn't sell. I would much rather see them take a shot at something new.

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zonetrooper53659d ago

I played the Heavenly Sword demo on my PS3 and while the graphics were amazing, I didn't find the game that much fun and the demo was way too short. It was pretty much DW6 with better graphics. >_<

Anego Montoya FTMFW3659d ago

it`s a GREAT game.

the DEMO is super short though.

and it`s nothing like dynasty warriors, it`s fighting is more like DMC4

slower more thought out combos, you can button mash, but if you do your not really fighting.

try it.

it`s ALOT of fun start to finish.

lonestarmt3659d ago

the idea of it being like DW couldn't be further from the truth. I can't stand that comparison. Me owning all DW games I can say this the DW drones are stupid as hell. They don't move stand in packs and never fight back and all you have to do is button mash. Heavenly sword is nothing like and in fact you couldn't get passed the mid way point simply by button mashing. Its an insult to compare HS to DW

ruibing3658d ago

This is why demo can be detrimental to a game.

Skerj3659d ago

God that banner shot looks awesome, I can't wait to see what it is.

jwatt3658d ago

By looking at those concept art, it seems as if this game will be epic on a huge scale. Landscapes remind me of the futurlistic look in Ratchet and clank of course with a more serious tone.

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