PS Vita’s COD Future After Black Ops Woes The dust has now firmly settled on Black Ops: Declassified, a PS Vita port of the original console classic and a game that arrived alongside console versions of Black Ops 2. Today, we still see new reviews pouring out for the game but unfortunately, they do little to change the overall feeling among gamers and critics, that this is one Call of Duty game that perhaps should have never come out in the first place.

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DJjazzyGeth2005d ago

It's like Sony just wants to say "FPS's on Vita? We got that." without actually trying to promote quality from 3rd parties. Really a shame considering how cool some of these "console quality" offerings could have been. I'm sure with time developers will find more fitting games to make for the system. Oh well, back to P4 Golden I go... (god, it is so good...)

Kur02005d ago

Nihilistic should be banned from making Vita games. They should get Bluepoint Games to do a direct port of the next CoD with cross-play.

nikrel2005d ago

Nihilistic has closed it's doors, company is now called something else, all ios games or something.

bothebo2005d ago

Nihilistic destroyed two games on the Vita, both were FPS.

brian1985FM2005d ago

Such a let down. Sony is already struggling then this abortion of a game came out. So much for that.

SoundGamer2005d ago

Did you mean "abomination of a game"?


NukaCola2005d ago

Abomination is a travesty that is living, like COD on consoles...

Abortion is sadly dead on arrival, like COD on Vita.

I agree nihilistic should be banned. Thank God, Guerrilla Games is doing Killzone Mercs themselves.. Like a boss.

psp2roundup2005d ago

Hopefully the engine is now there for someone else to go and do a proper development job, hopefully with a unique story or background rather than pretending to be CoD. Both Uncharted and Assassin's Creed are proof you can do a big game on the Vita, but would any developer risk the investment?

Baylex2005d ago

No Doubt that R* could do it!! If you can have a NFS Most Wanted and a Gravity Rush with those open worlds then you can have a GTA too!!
GTA on a portable.. it would change the portable gaming forever!! bey bey DS ;) eheh

SoundGamer2005d ago

GTA worked well on the PSP, it can work even better on the Vita, for sure.

ronin4life2005d ago

GTA was on portables... both the psp and ds.
Guess which one people liked more?

Baylex2004d ago

Yes yes I know that has been on PSP before.. but it was not the same thing.. Now you have a powerfull console in your hands with two analogues, capable of doing almost, almost, everything that the ps3 can!
It's the trigger to push the vita sales sky high!

tr00p3r2005d ago

Timesplitters would be a fantastic option for the PS Vita..

knifefight2005d ago

From the blurb: "...the overall feeling among gamers and critics, that this is one Call of Duty game that perhaps should have never come out in the first place. "

Nono, it definitely SHOULD have come out, it just should have come out via a different developer who had more time to finish the product, as opposed to the unfinished super-rush job that Declassified ended up becoming.

MasterCornholio2005d ago

Sony Bend should have made it unless they are busy with something else (hopefully).

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The story is too old to be commented.