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Introducing Travel Bug, a new Discovery app for PS Vita

by Craig Howard – Creative Director, Lucid Games:

"We are really excited to present Travel Bug, a new PS Vita Discovery app available for free download later today.
The premise of Travel Bug is simple. You first hatch a bug, then name it, then, using near, send it out on an adventure. Once it’s out in the real world, you will get regular updates as it meets strangers on its travels until it comes back to your PS Vita." (PS Vita, Travel Bug)

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g-nome  +   588d ago
Don't see the point of this one , give gamers some real games please. I would love to see some Vita versions of ps3 psn games.
JoGam  +   587d ago
Guys I understand your frustration but Sony has to make apps for everyone young and old, hardcore and casual. Now they just released the email app. Maybe this will be for the younger crowd. I'm pretty sure more adult apps will be coming. Merry Christmas!
Ben_Grimm  +   587d ago
Give gamers some real games? And the games out now for the Vita are what...imaginary?
KangarooSam  +   587d ago
I'm gonna go ahead and just ignore this. Sony, release apps that have a point, please. I probably won't use any besides Facebook, Netflix, and rarely Youtube and Skype. But still, I'm down to try more video apps, etc.

If you're advertising "console gaming on the go" then don't make a first party app to collect virtual bugs with Near. Simple as that.
profgerbik  +   587d ago
If you are buying a gaming handheld don't expect apps to be on it period. Simple as that.

I bought a Vita to play games, not to sit around and bitch about the free apps that come out for it.

I could understand if someone forced you to pay for this app or you did pay for it but you didn't and no one will ever force you to.

I mean shit I think the email app on the Vita is pointless, why the fuck do I need a web browser or to check my emails on my fucking gaming device? Well I honestly don't care that much it's just an added bonus but I thought I would show you how you sound right now.

No one is forcing me to use the web browser or the email app and I don't. Simple as that, doesn't bother me at all I just have no need for it on a gaming system.

So what is your point? Bitching about something you obviously will never use or ever planned to.. to me that is pointless.
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KangarooSam   587d ago | Bad language | show
r21  +   587d ago
Hey if its free, might as well give it a try. Hopefully it holds me down till that music app comes out.
snaggdadon  +   587d ago
im not download that!!!wtf
DivineAssault  +   587d ago
free stuff is always welcomed on my vita.. Way to make ppl buy more memory sony ;( we need unlimited cloud storage with ps plus

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