Next-Gen Microsoft Exclusive Hinted, Could Be Like Halo & Gears

NowGamer: Black Tusk Studios, a newly formed Microsoft studio, hints it could be working on a new IP that might be a new space shooter like Gears Of War or Halo.

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Shadonic1727d ago

I don't really want anymore shooters -_-

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Megaton1727d ago

Too bad, you're gonna get 'em.

greenpowerz1727d ago

Holy crap! Are there any xbox fans in here?

BitbyDeath1727d ago

Don't think they leave the PS3 articles.

ALLWRONG1727d ago

BitbyDeath you got that backwards

Nice try though

BitbyDeath1727d ago

It goes both ways, was just trying for a bit of lighthearted humour. :-)

ALLWRONG1727d ago

It goes one way much more than the other on this site.

tiffac0081727d ago


Your wrong it goes three ways.

Hmm... That sounded so wrong...

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SilentNegotiator1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

"Could Be Like Halo & Gears", it's a shooter?

What do Halo and Gears really have in common, other than being shooters? One is a very horizontal game (Gears) and the other is a fairly vertical game. You make Gears any more like Halo in gameplay and it isn't Gears. You make Halo any more like Gears and it loses many of its gameplay strengths.

Sounds like NowGamer just trying to bolster their obvious choice of favorite for next gen (since it will have an "X" on it, most likely) by hyping with two popular titles, excusing it with a random Twitter post.

ZombieNinjaPanda1727d ago

Exactly. Seems developers aren't capable of unique ideas anymore, so they just slap together something that seems to be a trend. Instead of coming up with their own unique ideas, they're just trying to combine two things which wouldn't work too well together to cash out easily.

SilentNegotiator1727d ago

Don't blame the developers just yet.

Nowgamer got that idea from a "twitter sleuth"; and being, "oriented" towards a certain brand....they'll gladly spread the rumor to create hype.

rpd1231727d ago

Well both are sci fi shooters with alien races and bad ass protaganists. Personally, I think they should branch out from that though.

BertlSenix1727d ago

Developers try unique stuff

Journey,Uncharted,Heavy Rain,Beyond Two Souls,The last of Us(a 2nd NEW AAAAAA IP from ONE developer),the unfinished swan and a lot more...

BUT WHAT DO "GAMERS" aka shitheads of this gen buy?CALL OF DUTY AND COPY+PASTE Garbage in general cause the justin Biebers took over.

Old McGroin1726d ago

@ BerttlSenix

The "unique" games you mention aren't as unique as you say.

Journey - third person puzzle game.
Uncharted - third person explore/shoot 'em up.
Heavy Rain - this gens version of the point and click adventure game.
The Last Of Us - another third person game with an AI partner.

All great games but nothing new, just spruced up versions of games from the past. Not too sure about Beyond and Unfinished Swan.

Uncharted might have exciting, spectacular set-peices but it's still a third person game with bells on.
Journey might have drop in/out co-op but it's still a third person puzzle game.

Let's face it, original ideas are few and far between these days.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

"Could Be Like Halo & Gears"

MS is amazing!!! Innovation.

Pillsbury11727d ago

Your sarcasm is awesome, surprise! They are making something unoriginal like there yearly halo/gears/forza.

Kingdom Come1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I love how small a percentage of N4G Commentors read articles prior to commenting on them.

1) The Gears and Halo similarity is in regards to scale and genre. In regards to gameplay Gears and Halo hold massive differentiations.
2) This is by no means a confirmation of the unannounced games genre as this particular quote was taken from an "Internet sleuth".

Read the article next time.

palaeomerus1727d ago

OMG! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Little Big Planet Karting! Twisted Metal! Wheeee! So $#@#ing Original!

andibandit1726d ago


hmmm, so in your other comments, you praise TLOU which looks ALOT like UC, then come in and troll...

Good job.

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showtimefolks1727d ago

well easier said than done. also if there already is gears and halo why would we want another game that similar. give us something new and fresh

i really hope MS takes advantage of crackdown franchise because that IP has a lot of room to grow and huge potential

3-4-51726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Yea I think we've gotten enough shooters, and maybe Dev's should focus on giving us combo/hybrid game types on the next gen.

* Give us more customization

* Give us more options

* Give us more replay value

* Give us Better Art Styles, and not just HD Brown & Grey graphics.

* Humans can see over 5 million different colors....Use Them !

* Give us good stories that aren't cliche.

* Give us something unexpected

Solid_Snake1726d ago

Then don't get new MS console... that's pretty much most of what you're going to get. Oh, and kinect :-/

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1726d ago


I do want more shooters. Oh well for you I guess?

I love that MS has an exclusive coming out, and now it's... "Oh.. another shooter."

LMAO at the SDF.

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Qrphe1727d ago

If the 720 is indeed integrated with Kinect 2, definitely expect Kinect features (or even controls in the worst of the cases).

ArmrdChaos1726d ago

I am sure most will take that over a Wonderbook title any day. Some of you people try too hard sometimes for any of it to really matter.

mysterym1727d ago

Given what halo and gears did for console first person shooters and third person shooters respectively, i'm excited to see what emerges.

Jinkies1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I understand Halo but what did Gears do, it pretty much had things that were done before like the over the shoulder gameplay from RE4 or even had things which during it's development at the time other games like Uncharted which was in development longer then Gears. already had the same ideas.

lastofgen1727d ago

Gears of War (2006) was unveiled and shown off at e3 2005 and Uncharted (2007) was unveiled at e3 2006.

Ben_Grimm1727d ago

Gears was still a huge success that further put gaming in the spotlight and became a staple/household name.

All games have ideas from others it doesn't mean they're bad or shouldn't be recognized. There were games before Uncharted that that did the same thing too. That arguement could be applied to almost any game.

SephirothX211727d ago

Come on now. Epic games are the creators of the Unreal Engine. Don't say that they're not creative.

Jinkies1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Just because someting is shown off and released first dosen't mean anything

As I said Uncharted was in development longer, Nolan North since he had played the character since 2005 when they brought him in to do the motion capturing, then they would of had to start planning it before they got to that development stage.

They started Uncharted under the codename "Big" straight after Jak 3 was finished and went gold. So that would of been October/November 2004

Uncharted was in development for longer and didn't release untill later because ND had to do the motion capturing which apparently took nearly a year to complete and thats just the mo cap.


What...when did I say they that. Please don't make crap up to try and start an argument.

maniacmayhem1727d ago

Good lord Jinkies take your own advice.

You don't think Gears was in development and planning well before 2006? It takes year(S) to make these types of AAA games.

And what does Uncharted being in development longer have anything to do with what Gears brought to the table? Nothing.

CalvinKlein1727d ago