Imprisoned ARMA 3 Devs Write Heartwarming Letter from a Greek Prison


"I’m very surprised that the fate of ARMA 3‘s developers isn’t being more publicized.

To make a very long story short, they took pictures of an actual airbase — a base which is even viewable on Google Earth — and were thrown in jail for espionage.

What follows is a handwritten letter they sent to a community site.

Gamers, we now have our equivalent of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”"

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Proeliator2034d ago

It's still weird about how they were thrown in jail. Ridiculous.

gaminoz2033d ago

If they took a photo of an airbase with state of the art tech, that would be one thing...this is ridiculous.

Godem2034d ago

Hahah weird as hahah.

Feralkitsune2034d ago

What are you laughing at?

Hooshuwashu2034d ago

obviously, he's laughing out of his sadness

DeusExer2034d ago

Good on them for being so upbeat, nobody should be put through a farce like this.

Proeliator2034d ago

Indeed, they don't sound downtrodden at all.

Feralkitsune2034d ago

You never know. the message was probably monitored before it was sent out. They may have been censored. I hope not, but it's possible that they had to write the message like that.

gaminoz2033d ago

What could they possibly have that they are worried about being filmed?