GTA V PC Petition receive desire 100,000 signatures, Rockstar reply awaited

The popular GTA V PC petition (started by user Mike Julliard) has finally got the desired 100,000 signatures.

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Stuart57561974d ago

Not enough.
The numbers it will do on console is too much, expect PC version much, much later (unfortunately).

raWfodog1973d ago

I don't get the purpose of the petition. Is it to try and get a simultaneous release for the PC along with the consoles? Cause Rockstar has always come out with a PC version of all the GTA games since III, right? Just had to wait a little while...

mistajeff1973d ago

I think the only ones that aren't on PC are the
"stories" games and Chinatown Wars. People are worried because Red Dead Redemption never received a PC port.

vortis1973d ago

GTA started on PC and it was the other way around. The PC versions were ported to console much later.

After GTA III and money-eyes kicked into play that's when PC started getting the shaft.

indubitably1973d ago

I just want to see it on PC and I'm not even a PC gamer. I just think it extends the life of the game so much. I can't go back and play GTAIV on the consoles any more because it is just so dated, but the PC version can look a lot better and can be modded.

Thatguy-3101973d ago

Lol what happened to pc being mainstream? Sucks pc gamers have to go through this. They should just be like everyone else and get a console since that's the most mainstream thing in gaming.

RickHiggity1973d ago

It's a petition. Not a a number of sales.

ThanatosDMC1973d ago

PC will get it eventually... like Red Dead Redemption.

Ducky1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Should be worth pointing out that RDR was by RockStar SanDiego.

RockStar North's games have made their way to PC.

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MultiConsoleGamer1974d ago

Man talk about bitter grapes.

Anyway, I just saw that petition and its filled with names like "Mike Hunt" and "Johnny Hildo." So I'm not sure if I should take it seriously.

Newsman1974d ago

Stuff em. Rockstar joins EA and DICE for poor consumer relation = no sales from me.

ATi_Elite1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

GTAV PC will launch 8 months after console version so chill out!

If not then just save that $50 for Star Citizen in 2014 cause that is gonna be.....Mind Blowing!

Besides if GTAV is just a bunch of Gopher missions like GTAIV then I don't want it anyway!

Psychotica1973d ago

Yes, I can just picture the Rockstar executives folding under all that pressure. Before the petition it was a "no way in hell" attitude. But as the signatures climbed they started sweating and getting all nervous, and now at a 100,000 signatures they absolutely have to give in..right...

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