The gaming platform you should be buying for Christmas is...

The question: “What console should I buy?” raises its head fairly often and I tend to get put into the hot seat for my opinion. Depending on who is present at the time, when this question comes up it would often spark healthy debate as both of the major consoles have pros & cons

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HanCilliers1782d ago

I'm totally with him on the PC as the king. Great read!

T9001782d ago

I would go PC, specially now that new consoles are coming next year. No point investing in hardware that will lose support in the next year or so. At least with the PC, generations dont effect it, its not like games will stop releasing for it as soon as next gen consoles arrive.

Hence dropping 300usd on a PS3 or Xbox 360 seems irrational at the moment. I wouldnt invest on the Wii U either because it looks so underpowered that it may as well be outdated next year when new consoles are out, no developer will be supporting the Wii U.

ikkokucrisis1782d ago

This is an easy recommendation to make:

Galaxy Note 2

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League_of_Draven1782d ago

So in other words get a PS3 or PC.

Agheil1782d ago

Just as @League_of_Draven stated don't forget how long sony supported the PS2. The PS3 will follow in its footsteps in terms of future software support.

vickers5001782d ago

"Hence dropping 300usd on a PS3 or Xbox 360 seems irrational at the moment."

How so? There are a ton of amazing games for both systems that will last you a very long time. How would deciding to go with those over PC be "irrational"?

bozebo1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

"no developer will be supporting the Wii U."
This just isn't true. It'll have a similar market position to the Wii, which had plenty of great exclusives. Actually, it's probably the most open for small and indie developers, I hear patches can go through instantly and they can do what they want with DLC, unlike MS and Sony at the moment.

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g-nome1782d ago

PC'S are for excel and word...

T9001782d ago

If all of us kept that attitude, companies like Nvidia and AMD wouldnt exist, I guess you can imagine what that would mean for the gaming industry.

PC tech helps the entire gaming ecosystem.

Jazz41081782d ago

Surface tablet works great for that right now.

Panthers1782d ago

My favorite games are on PC. SC2, GW2, SWTOR, ect. I love my consoles, but PCs have games that just dont work on consoles.

Oh_Yeah1782d ago

Pcs are for games, movies, porn, socializing, business, music, work, pretty much everything except cooking.

Sarcasm1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Really? PC's are for Excel and word?

Quick, someone e-mail the entire engineering industry, arts industry, manufacturing industry, science industry, U.S. Government, Samsung, Sony, Adobe, Autodesk, Intel, AMD, ARM, MSi, Apple, Nvidia, pretty much every single company in the entire world that relies on PC's to do their work, that PC's... ARE FOR EXCEL... AND WORD...! Because this 12 year old kid on N4G says so.

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MariaHelFutura1782d ago

Personal the next platform I'll be buying is the PS Vita followed by the Wii U.

ATi_Elite1782d ago

1. I watched the video and at 1:29 I started cracking up laughing cause that's EXACTLY how it always goes.....and then they RAGE and take away your bubbles!

anyway.......The gaming platform you should be buying for Christmas is...

If you don't have one by now I suggest just saving your cash to buy a Next Gen Console in 2013/2014 and continue playing on your friends consoles like you been doing! They don't mind you coming over to game...your cool, just bring chips every now and then!

but if you finally saved up all your pennies and you love those awesome Sony Exclusives then get a PS3

if your just a General gamer looking to play Call of Duty and multiplats then get a Xbox360 (cause Activision kinda screwed the PS3 version)

or if your looking to take the next step and view Gaming as a Serious Hobby and wanna Customize the BEST Gaming experience to YOUR needs then build yourself a kick butt PC and join the Master Race in the Glorious realm of PC Gaming and it's never ending list of Exclusives, Mods, and Customizations!

Basically decide what Games you really like, decide your budget, and buy what YOU think will serve you BEST and never mind what a Fanboy tells you!

Persistantthug1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

The AAA video gaming industry routinely treats PC gaming like it's second class.
AAA developers and publishers bring games late ( Assassin's Creed 3), and at other times not at all (Red Dead Redemption).

You can't be King & Master and be SECOND CLASS.

That's an oxymoron, sir.

vortis1782d ago


Witcher 2 says "Hi."
Hard Reset says "Hi."
Path-tracing gameplay demos says "Hi"
(also I doubt we'll be seeing path-tracing games playable on consoles until the generation after the next one)
16x AT says "Hi."
8x AA says "Hi."

And all things ENB series says "Hi."

Consolitis may run deep for the PC Master Race but the best versions of games, visually and mod-wise, are still available on PC.

MAJ0R1782d ago

Do you really think PC gamers care about a couple of console games like RDR that never made their way to PC? Sure they do, luckily a lot of them own a console (hopefully an Xbox 360 so they don't get the shaft on multiplats).

RDR would also be miles better on the PC. A great example of this is Dark Souls. The game was never coming to PC. PC gamers petitioned and got Namco Bandai to tap into the golden Steam market. PC gamers are constantly treated as first class, along with getting the best of the best (graphics, performance, ease of use etc.) plus Eyefinity/Surround for multi-monitor setup allowing for an ultra immersive setting.

stage881782d ago

PS Vita for me, I have Plus on my PS3 so it's an absolute no brainer to pick one up. Double the content at no extra cost.

JC_Denton1782d ago

If the PC had anything to offer other than tons of great multiplayer experiences and graphics, I would totally be on board to buy a better one than I have. There isn't much in the way of single player games that are close to as good as the ones available on the PS3.

darkziosj1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Even if pc has the best graphics, the exclusive games doesn't even come near ps3/360 ones, it just has mmos,srpgs,and shooters on the other had the consoles have Reddead,uncharted,heavy rain,gears of war, MGS, infamous, little big planet, god of war and alot more.

1782d ago
yeahokchief1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

PS3 is the clear winner.

$2oo system comes with 5 full games
$50 gets you an instant game collection
handful of $10 TRILOGY collections on black friday
handful of dlc loaded games like granturimo xl edition for $10
free cross buy vita games with ps3 games

agent, god of war ascension, beyond 2 souls, and the last of us are Exclusives on the way

gta v will launch on ps3 and 360 consoles. this alone will mean you want either a 360 or a ps3. all other games will not matter in 2013 when you see gta v! gta v is king mofos.

Ps3 is where the best value is hands down my friends.

That said, I am also buying a new PC specifically for work (CAD + inventor + solidworks) and DotA2 for around $2000-2500. So if you have money to piss on and burn then PC is the best option (or mommys money to piss on and burn for many of you). Personally I prefer investing my earnings as I do not plan on working past retirement age to support an addiction to technology and paying more for moderate graphical improvements.

the reason your rigs are holding up is because games are still being developed around the consoles. now is a terrible time to buy a new pc because the games in development right now are for the ps4 and 720. buy a new rig now and it wont play games in 2013. it'll play all of 2012 games really smooth though.

i also enjoy how there are drastically less cheaters on ps3 than on pc.

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TheLyonKing1782d ago

I would say what one you don't have, I have the know how to build a gaming pc but I really can't be bothered setting one up and buying one that is a decent spec I don't think is worth it.

But anyone who wants a good gaming experience does need to try a pc out.

DesVader1782d ago

LOL, Schmoe. You said it. PC gaming is not dead and people need to stop saying it. If you can keep your PC up-to-date, it offers a much richer gameplay experience than console for sound, graphics and more.

That-Guy1782d ago

Of course it isn't. PC gaming's a better investment for the long term anyway.

Rainstorm811782d ago

I agree on long term investment, I plan on building a gaming PC before the PS4 and x720 are released

I'll always be a console gamer but you gotta be blind if you dont see the benefits of PC gaming, Steam alone makes it worth it let alone Emulation..

DesVader1782d ago

Nope, not played with Win 8 yet. Any good / better?

SkullBlade1691782d ago

No - It sucks.

Totally useless unless you want a smartphone OS on your PC.

Feralkitsune1782d ago

I had windows 8 on my Pc for a while, but it would randomly Blue Screen on me, and I had no idea why since they changed the fucking blue screen!

It would randomly stop detecting my Wireless adapter, and was a hassle to use on a PC when I also own Windows 7 which works a hell of a lot better for gaming, and casting.

MRMagoo1231782d ago

Win8 is the exact same OS as win7 it just looks different on the surface, I know this for a fact because the pc repair shop i work at fixes them and the diagnostic programs i use for win7 work perfectly with win8 and they arent updated for it.

bozebo1781d ago

It has better ASLR, so you are (a lot) less likely to randomly have malware mess with your shit (especially the kind that normally gets through antivirus type software with ease)

Other than that, it hasn't got any significant technical improvements. Actually, MS could update Win7 to have it too but then business customers would have no reason to upgrade to 8 (you know, so their info doesn't randomly get stolen because they had 1 windows machine on the network)

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tachy0n1782d ago

my system from 2008 still holds strong.... the only thing which i changed is the video card for a GTX460

Q6600 @3GHz
8GB of RAM
GTX460 1GB

PC gaming will get bloody cheap because nvidia and AMD appear not to be that interested on Direct X 11.1 and windows 8


Feralkitsune1782d ago

Using a 465GTX myself. Still works fine for games. HAve it connected to my TV and Monitor by HDMI.

SITH1782d ago

I7-3960x @3.3GHZ
8gb ram
GTX 690

I just got back into PC gaming.

MRMagoo1231782d ago

why would you get an i7 for gaming really seems a waste of money?

f7897901782d ago

It's their "hobby". That's why.

I have an AMD x4 945 @3Ghz stock for $100. Runs everything fine at 60fps.

vickers5001782d ago

Hmm, got pretty much the same setup as you, only my Q6600 isn't overclocked and my GTX460 is a GTX460 SE.

It has trouble running Metro 2033 and The Witcher 2, though when I stuck a 2nd gtx460 SE in there, it ran much better, but I encountered many problems when I had it in there. Games would lock up and have weird colors, I had to turn my pc off completely after every lock up, so I just took it out of there. I don't really play many pc games or like pc gaming in general though, so no big deal.

bozebo1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

The latest DX additions are mostly things which are handy for low-end and handheld devices (like how OpenGL has the ES version), so yeah - when it comes to proper gaming, Win7 + DX11 doesn't miss out on anything.

Also with a 2008 machine here, simply upgraded my graphics card for pocket change. (saved like £400 on multiplats since then already)

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Choc_Salties1782d ago

True, but the relative ease-of-use of consoles is also something to keep in mind. I recently got me a PS3 to play Dust514, but playing other games is just so much simpler - just put in the disk and go. Doesn't hurt either that you can hitch a keyboard and mouse to play Dust514 :) Best of both worlds!

Somebody1782d ago

I don't have to put anything into my PC's disc drive. In fact I haven't put, touch or seen a game DVD in months. ALL of my games are installed in my PC and ready to go at a double-click of a shortcut.

Want to play another game? Click another shortcut. No disk required. No fumbling around with disks.

At times I just don't get the console gamers' perception/definitions of "ease-of-use". e.g.:

User-friendly ease-of-use: Looking around for disks in the disk albums, swapping disks (careful, you might scratch them) to play another game.

Non-user-friendly ease-of-use: Installing games (you only have to do this ONCE per game vs you have to put the DVD for your console game each time you want to play or change to another game) into the HDD so you don't have to look for games through your physical collection, everything's auto-categorized and managed by the client/Windows.

vikingland11782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Now days people can do digital downloaded games to their consoles via PSN store or XBL games on demand. So they still have ease of use. No discs involved. Of course both stores are way over priced and you can still buy the disc versions way cheaper at GS. But there is the option to buy Digital though.

Oschino19071782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Somebody just doesn't get it....

I have a PS3, over HALF of my 50+ games are digital downloads on my hard drive (many full sized AAA games).

My disk games are Blu-Ray and not DVD, they have more than enough memory on them that I never have to deal with multiple DVDS.

They also are organized in correct boxes less than a foot from my console so no fumbling around for anything.

I can also let friends borrow (or buy) them or trade them in if I find I don't have interest in said game anymore.

Good luck ever scratching or damaging a Blu-Ray disc without using it as a frisbee or driving over it. I don't have a single scratch on ANY game disc even games dating back to 07-08. They have a protective layer that almost no DVD has.

Now I literally buy a game
Download or put disc in
Play game

You gonna tell me on PC its that easy?
That you don't have to adjust any settings for a new game?
That you never had an issue with a brand new game on an older computer or hardware issues with any game in general?

Something tells me Somebody just doesn't get it, or would prefer to bury their head in the sand instead of facing the obvious facts head on.

Somebody1782d ago

Yes, you are right, Oschino1907. I do have to change my settings for every new games - I have to adjust the settings because they usually are too low for my PC.

As a PC gamer I constantly face those facts head on. I have an old Celeron laptop with a hole at the bottom because the fan is dead. It can hardly play any modern games but that's like putting a PS3's BR disc into a PS2.

I have a lot of old games inside the old trusty laptop and there are tons of fixes/guides online. If I can spend time arguing on N4G then logically I have time to find online guides to get games to work.

Oh, btw, how's the classic PS1 and PS2 games on your PS3? Still have to buy them (HD versions) all over again don't you? Yes, I'm still playing PS2 quality game(graphically) like Oni and Soul Reaver on my old laptop and current gaming PC while the console gamers are re-buying HD versions of their classics. So much for "graphic is not important" argument.

I also organized my boxes of games (before I fully turn to digital downloads) but they are purely for shows. Like I said: the games are already installed in PC so no need to bother with the DVDs anymore.

Oschino19071782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Somebody has a horrible sense of logic and clearly doesn't have their facts straight. Not even going to go into the details as anyone reading these comments should be able to see it clear as day.

But to counter you again I will make it simple.

I still have all of my old systems in working order, no guides or fixes needed. In most cases you can easily rebuy and on the very cheap. Plus IMO they are almost always better with original controller (nostalgia).

I rarely if ever play them as I have little desire to play any of those games these days, too busy with newer games.

PSN sells plenty of the top PS1 and PS2 classics in original form, way more of them by a long shot over HD versions.

Plus they also sell many classics from the 80's and 90's along with providing many old school styled simple games on PS Home (most free) and on PSN.

I love the assumption that I don't have a laptop or pc at all. Maybe I didn't get them with gaming in mind or prefer console for the games I play most.

Now please just stop, you are an embarrassment to any intelligent and logical person who primarily games on the PC. You are no better then any average fanboy, you throw blinders on when its convienent and just say whatever sounds right for your arguement without fact checking.

Somebody needs to give up already...

Highlife1782d ago


There can be plenty of problems for pc gaming that just won't happen on a console. Just google "the problems with pc gaming and drivers" many games can be frustrating that way. And not all games are compatible with newer pc's is that why you keep your old laptop? I had a hell of a time trying to get Unreal Tournament 1 to work on a windows 7 64 bit machine. So don't act like every game will just work forever on pc.

Pc gamers feel they are elite and so many online game are just filled with aim bots.

I use to love pc gaming Half-life and Half-life 2 were my favorite games. But the online is what killed it for me. Way to many cheaters.

aliengmr1782d ago


While I would never say PC gaming is hassle free or more user friendly than consoles, in answer to this:

"Now I literally buy a game
Download or put disc in
Play game

You gonna tell me on PC its that easy?
That you don't have to adjust any settings for a new game?
That you never had an issue with a brand new game on an older computer or hardware issues with any game in general?"

Yes, with Steam it can be that easy. Results vary depending on how much support the game had. Only 2 of the many games I have on Steam would require me to do something in order to get them to work. Steam has many classic titles and just like PSN have been designed to work with modern hardware. Steam isn't the only service that does that either.

As far as settings go, it depends on the auto-detect. Mostly they are set too low and I will have to configure a couple things. But its such a trivial task that really only takes a minute.

PC gaming comes with complications its a fact, but all to often console guys have serious misconceptions about what is complicated. A 2yo could adjust settings in the options menu. To use that as an argument is pretty dumb.

Over the years software issues have diminished considerably for PC games. Most issues are with bugs and the PS3 should know a little about that with Skyrim. Difference is that on PC bug fixes were out the first couple weeks.

The complications are mainly hardware upgrades and OS upgrades from my experience. Yes things get complicated, and I've accepted that. I built it and I want to fix it. That is my mindset. I don't want the detached ease-of-use that consoles offer. That does NOT make the PC any better, just better to me.

KingMe421782d ago

But but but...I LOVE having physical copies of my gamed OvO...still have my old ps2 and gamecube games with some n64 remnants.

I honestly don't want an ALL digital age, I like to at least have the option for both. Personal reasons really.

KingMe421782d ago

PC may be stronger than consoles ( I have a PC and a PS3)

But my younger brother is scared to play games on my PC without me setting things up for him first. Why? Because its not as easy and when problems appear he gets a little scared off (adorable really)

My ps3 on the other he has no problem with turning it on, picking his game, and playing it. PC is powerful and very customizable but some people just don't have time to worry about learning it or fixing issues. I myself original had problems with Steam for my first experience and my first PC games, I was almost regretting the investment.

Consoles still provide such an easy way to game and lets not forget another problem. My cousin has a 360 and the only PC in his house is for the family, they don't have the money to buy another PC for him alone to play games only. Since theres already another computer in the house the most important things you need it for, such as school, work, or other. Are already meet, a second luxury PC is not really a credible investment.

Some times PC gamers seem like the most uncaring and selfish of gamers, thinking about why THEY have it and not bother to understand why other people can't. nor understand why consoles are still needed to some.

Highlife1782d ago

I have 6 kids 3 dogs and many things to do. All I want is to have a system ready for me to play when I finally have the chance. A console is that for me. Don't have to worry if my machine can run it. All games for that will.

Somebody1782d ago

Maybe I'm trailing a bit into tha fanboy zone. The line is extremely thin blurry. I don't primarily game on the console but that doesn't stop me from advising friends which PSP to buy. I informed another which shop to buy PSP Vita games and helped my brother in some of the aspect of his X Box 360 (I showed him the coop mode for Halo4). I'm even modifying a car seat for him so he can sit comfortably while gaming in his living room.

Oh, I understand the real reason of people buying consoles. I know why my brother bought one. I even encouraged him to get one and to get back to console FPS (he had a terrible experience with FPSes on the PS2). What really gets me is the way console gamers acted over the years. The console gamers were so high and mighty when current consoles appeared and stormed the gaming world. PC gamers just scampered around aimlessly as developer after developer left us for the consoles. Now, a lot of the things the console gamers said contradict to what they boasted when their consoles were first launched. And when next gen comes around the things they say will contradict what they are saying now!

The PC gamers have pretty much stayed consistent with their resolve and reasoning over the years. The console gamers', the fanboys anyway, reasons tend to fluctuate...degrade even. Better graphic than PC when current consoles came, graphic is not important, gameplay is. Patches is a (still)disease on the PC, it's an innovation on the consoles. Consoles are considered better due to in-game chat in multiplayer. Who have time for typing into keyboards? Now, it's considered an innovation to type texts into your smartphone (Smartglass) and send in-game messages to friends. Console gamers laughed seeing that MMOs and later, F2Ps, are the only things that's keeping the PC alive. Now, they can't wait for their own MMO and F2Ps. Dx11 was considered a joke with games numbering less than 10 even after two years in existence. After BF3 came out and later the rumors of DX11 powered next gen (plus MS's grand plan of uniting a lot of devices under Windows 8), suddenly console gamers are talking about DX11 as it is theirs in the first place.

@highlife. Perhaps because I stayed at my work place for five days and return to town during weekends. I used to carry the PC around for two years but after a transistor popped off I stopped. Since I still need to do some work, a laptop is important and in the evening (no internet there) a game or two would help to pass the time. It's an old laptop so it can play only play old games that I also installed on my gaming PC. I was surprised to see it was capable of playing Homeworld 2 on high because it was quite sluggish playing the much older Total War Shogun. Add a Comlex Mod and you're set for hours.

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vortis1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I don't know man.

With Steam I just click on the game I want and it downloads and installs it for me. Plus I don't have to see all those ads like on XBL.

And unlike consoles I can mod PC games pretty easily.

I would agree with you about ease-of-use for any generation of gaming before this one.

Valve made it terribly easy to game on PC and the cost of parts has dropped so much that it's become super affordable to get a decent gaming PC versus buying new game consoles.

Back in the 90s PC gaming was exclusive to the most elite. But now the PC Master Race can be anyone who drops $450 on a PC, plugs in their 360 controller and gets like 5 games for $20 on Steam.

EDIT: I'd also like to say that Steam has also made it easy to mod. Back in the day modding was no easy task but nowadays you can just head to the Steam Workshop and select the mods you want for a game and it automatically adds them for you. Seriously, PC gaming has never been easier.

SuperSonic2661782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I think i can speak for everyone and say


What more could you want? an xbox?? that's less not more :)

granthinds1782d ago

Look out conductor! Here comes the fanboy train!

Choc_Salties1782d ago

I'm a big fan of both platform types, and can generally aprreicate both, but when it comes to console stuff, the PS3 just seems to make it simpler. Really, to fork out just to be able to play online? No thanks. PSNPlus makes sense as you get real direct benefits, rather than Xbox Live gold just to be able to start sniffing online, rather than actually getting real value...

SuperSonic2661782d ago

Not hating on the xbox, i think it's an excellent console and i even own one

I just think the ps3 is better

andibandit1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )


I prefer xbox even tho i think PS+ is better than live. The only reason i prefer it is because 360 games seem to be marketed much more than PS3 games, and as a result the PS3 online community suffers from low population.

superterabyte1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

That's the worst argument I think I have ever heard! you prefer xbox because they market their games! You mean advertise right? Marketing is what you do when your product is shite or you have a lack of ingenuity. "PS3 online community suffers from low population" what games are you playing? never had a problem myself
In the words of the great philosopher Ali G "Check yourself before you wreck yourself"