New video for One Piece Romance Dawn, hitting Japanese PSPs in December

A chunky new five-minute video is out for Namco's soon to be released quirky combat game on PSP. Showing a load of scene-setting anime and some in-game action, if you want a full dose tears, angst and fighting, check it out.

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Muffins12232003d ago

I wounder....will this be on the vita?

hkgamer2003d ago

most likely wont be released, all you can hope for is a US/EU release available on PSN

strigoi8142003d ago

if this get local i think we can play it on the vita..

2003d ago
TimeSkipLuffy2003d ago

It looks kinda boring. The cities are not crowded. There seems to be no life but it's One Piece and I want it!!! Please localize *____*