How Dishonored's nonlethal options remind us to think before we kill

Nathan Misa of discusses his appreciation for Dishonored's non-lethal approaches in tackling the violent and chaotic world of Dunwall, where, at first glance, a knife would better solve every in-game problem.

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WeskerChildReborned1874d ago

I might just go back and play it without killing people, that would be hard but it's worth the challenge.

majiebeast1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I just started killing everything after a certain event late in the game even killed Samuel, before that i tried not to kill anything.

Yeah true.

Irishguy951874d ago

It's so much funner utilizing the killing tools one has in the game

xBigxBossx1874d ago

I did one play through all kills and one play though non-lethal. It's much more in depth going non lethal! Def try it if you haven't yet

Azurite1874d ago

That's how I roll in Thief, hope to see the option in more games in the future.

r211874d ago

Thats how I played non lethal, thinking that the guards were all just under the corrupt. Being a hidden non lethal assassin is one tough job.