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Wii U Skepticism Will Dissipate, Says Nintendo's Iwata

gamasutra.com: Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses why skepticism surrounding the recently launched Wii U console won't be around for long. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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Jadedz  +   793d ago
''There's something about indie's''
The Wii U won't be as content starved as the Wii was (3rd party wise).
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donman1  +   793d ago
This will end the nonsense I keep reading from faceless exporters claiming the Wii U is less powerful than the Xbox360.

ozzywazzy  +   793d ago
zeldainformer.com. End of.
Christopher  +   793d ago
While I support the idea that the WiiU is powerful enough for where it is, there are more than a few issues with that article in regards to how they analyze technology as well as the correct technical specifications.
Trago1337  +   793d ago
Evidently, Owning all the platforms and enjoying everything is so taboo to N4G, it's all about Sony and Ms, but instead of saying, "Oh cool, the WiiU has some nice games coming out" they just call it crap, and wont be able to experience great games over some damn specs.

ozzywazzy  +   793d ago
Really? Because I haven't seen zelda, ssb, metroid, f-zero, starfox, eternal darkness.. Where are all these "nice games" you speak of? Zombie U? No thanks. 2D Mario? Played it on the 3ds. Pikmin? It's not even out yet and a resounding no. Will they come out eventually? Sure, but as of now the WiiU is t-r-a-s-h.

As a gamer, I care about games. Not Tvii, nor FB or twitter, or youtube, browser.. just games.
Trago1337  +   793d ago
The games are coming, you know this, i know this, we all know it, just like the ps3 did at launch, you knew the games were coming.

pretty much every system launch lately have been trash. However Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and Pikmin are coming Q1 next year. GAMES like you said.
Gamer78  +   793d ago
Christopher  +   793d ago
I don't get the venom directed at just N4G. Every site has their own group of people who are very vocal about how they feel abut Nintendo, both good and bad. This article isn't directed at N4G, but at analysts and consumers as a whole.
Ben_Grimm  +   793d ago
You really don't see the venom and why users say the things they do about this site?

Go to any positive Nintendo article...example..this one. Look at the amount of comments. Now go to a a Nintendo article that is compared to PS3/360 or an article about "WiiU isn't powerful" now take a look at the comments there and compare.

I mean hell just look at Ozzywazzy's comment right above you and tell me that doesn't deserve some kind of mark-down as you being a mod.

Yes I'm sure every other site has their share also but he's on N4G and talking about N4G.
Christopher  +   793d ago
I don't get it being directed only at just N4G....

Every site has this. Not just N4G. And the OP's comment was a bit premature for this specific discussion on an article that is positive and has only been supportive of Nintendo as of the OP's posting. The one negative post you point to is in response to someone posting negatively about others... Negativity spawns negativity, from all sides.
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ronin4life  +   793d ago
The difference is population. ANYwhere else WiiU and Nintendo "Haters"(Those who hate Nintendo for no reason) are a vast minority.

HERE, it is an actual sub sect and majority population. It always has been, since before I even started commenting here 3 or 4 years ago...
Check out Destructoid or even IGN, and you will see a vast difference in the number of people who act this way and the public response to them by other users.
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Oldskoolgamerz  +   793d ago
You don't get the venom directed at N4G? You cant be serious. Cgoodno You are part of the problem here. You hide behind your admin status while bubbling up people who are trolling and going out of your way to ban or bubble down anyone that isnt a die hard Sony fanboy.

Let me give you some examples

"Griffin4871 + 3h ago | Bad language | hide Why does the Wii U have to be "rubbish" because it's weaker? Fkin Brit. If you don't care for the console, don't buy it and leave it to these "NES fanatics" (which makes you look even more stupid to even mention something completely stupid and irrelevant like that) to buy it. "
Bad language for saying fkin yet in the exact same article
3 comments above this one
"Hydrolex + 3h ago Yes Wii u is current game for dummies, babies, dogs

but for US SMART GAMERS Wii u is just an overpriced PS3.2

I pass and will wait for PS4.0 "

So its okay to refer to Wii U owners as dumb, babies or dogs but dont dare almost say a swear word...

YOu go out of your way to defend anyone who hates Nintendo and see that nothing is ever done to them and you dont see why people blame this site itself for your lack of doing your job.. Just as Ben GRimm posted just look at Ozzywazzy, or MIka, Shutupandtakemymoney, Jinkies, and on and on and on.

THey are all allowed to openly attack Nintendo fans yet if anyone said the things they say about Sony it would be a perma ban by you.

You even claim that asking for people to show some maturity and respect is negativity. The comment Ozzywazzy was commenting on was in no way negative to any console maker yet you are trying to spin it as such to justify his repsonse and his not being debubbled like anyone who said that about Sony would be..

You in no way follow the rules and you use lame excuse to justify letting people troll Nintendo..

This site is pathetic and its because of admins like you that refuse to do their job and use lame excuses to justify it

Just last week someone was openly trolling and you even commented on their post without ever doing anything about it and yet suddenly the guy trolling gains a bubble some how....
Christopher  +   793d ago
***YOu go out of your way to defend anyone who hates Nintendo and see that nothing is ever done to them***

*rolls eyes*

Yeah, I do that. You got me.

With this type of mentality, you'd think I wouldn't get called a Sony, MS, and Nintendo sympathizer every day.

The problem is that people start fights before there are any. Sure, there are trolls on all sides, that's life. But N4G's problem is that people call out the trolls before they're even there. It's like the people are asking them to come in and annoy them.

And, as far as people saying stupid stuff about one thing or another, N4G is no different than any other site. I've been on Destructoid since before I was on N4G. It had a ton of trolls and still does. Same with IGN. Same with GameSpot. Even Giantbomb has their share of them.

I'll leave your obvious in depth, non-biased analysis of my tasks here and who is a troll and who isn't alone. Seriously, if you don't like the way I do things or the people here... why are you still here? If N4G is so problematic as you make it out to be, why are people here? Why aren't they on these other sites where this doesn't happen?

The reason? Because there aren't other sites where it doesn't happen. They don't exist.

I'm also fine with people having your line of thought. It's kind of what happens when you are the one moderating and they're the ones commenting and making their own assumptions/biases towards others and various topics. It's part of the job. So, I don't begrudge you for having your bias towards me, but don't think I'm going to take it to heart and "change my ways". It's my job to take attacks from everyone on every side and realize that if everyone who's a fan of one platform or another is hating how I moderate, that might be a good sign.
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ovhaum  +   793d ago
HaHa! @Trago1337 it's just too fun to be like this:

edit: Not literally

Related image(s)
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Venox2008  +   793d ago
haters gonna hate, but I believe there'll come more gamers to like a Wii U, it just needs time.. and games, plus indie content, exclusives...
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daclynk  +   793d ago
Well said Iwata.this is the only thing i will speak on this.....i play games...i dont play a wii u, ps3, xbox360. i play video games don't care whats in the systems. i dont care the clock speeds, the CPU, the GPU(GPGPU), the features, the color, the control inputs, digital or analogue buttons. I just play the game. If people care about it then okay...care about it. It will never affect how I feel about playing games. The End.
mochachino  +   793d ago
The criticism will get worse when next-gen starts and Wii Us graphics look outdated. But Nintendo doesn't need to care what anyone but Nintendo game fans think; they're the ones buying the systems.

I like Nintendo games but not more than 3rd party and Sony/MS offerings so it would be nice for Nintendo to go the way of Sega and become a 3rd party dev.

For now though, people whose favourite games are Nintendo games will by Wii U and love it, everyone else will play on the next Sony/MS console and PC.
DivineAssault  +   793d ago
we will see how good wii u is nx yr..

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