Wii U shouldn't copy Xbox Live, says Iwata Nintendo will not follow the lead of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network when designing and expanding the Wii U's online services, company president Satoru Iwata has said.

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vega2752001d ago

Good for nintendo. I've always loved them for their innovation and the ability to take chances with new ideas and ways to play games even when the gaming industry or gamer bash them and call them a company for casual gamers.

Hatsune-Miku2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Only a silly NES fanatic would agree with that. They should copy the good things about xbl but because they don't want to put In the effort or spend more money to advance the system they spew rubbish and fanatics eat it up.

I useto remember when Nintendo said online gaming is bad so they focus on local co op and such because online gaming doesn't add to anything. I also remember them saying that adding anything to the system that isn't about gaming is silly but they have netflix on Wii.

The wii u is rubbish but NES fanatics think its amazing lol. I love that the Wii u is utter rubbish because you reap what you sow. All the NES fanatics that bought the Wii and continuously supported that rubbish sent a message to nintendo that if they make rubbish they'll buy it. NES fanatics are silly. Most people barely played the Wii because its garbage but fanatics love to pretend like it was a mahine for core gamers with lots of core games. I love how the Wii u is. I'm so happy for the NES fanatics. I know a lot of NES fanatics because I useto be one. A lot that I still know buy a lot of Wii games but never played them but you'll see them in xbl and psn preaching about how the Wii is amazing and xbox and ps3 are copycats and rubbish. I already see lot of them who bought the Wii u back on psn and xbl talking about the Wii u is the best with amazing graphics but they arent playing it which is telling.

I can't wait for ps4. Another 6 months ill here news

donman12001d ago

After reading your nonsense rant... its clear you need more oxygen to the brain.

You keep on waiting for that PS4.. just don't be too depressed when your expectations of this futuristic level graphics and gameplay fall way short. Clearly there is a difference between reality and Xbox/PS fans when it comes to what the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be. Always remember there is a cost associated with it.

vega2752001d ago

what are you talking about. sony didn't believe in online also in the beginning or did you conviently forget about that.which was a reason why they didn't put much efford into the psn until later years.

"Most people barely played the Wii because its garbage but fanatics love to pretend like it was a mahine for core gamers with lots of core games" what's funny is that wii fans haven't been vocal this whole gen in the console war. you keep screaming wii fanatics, but the only one i see is you.

nintendo has always been innovative when it comes to there system and their games. they don't need to follow in anyone's footsteps since sony and microsoft follows in theirs. why copy someone that copies you. makes no sense.

you keep thinking the ps4 is going to be this great system of all systems. when you forgot that the ps3 was the only system that sony made that had the upper hand when it came to hardware. last gen the xbox and the gamecube was better than the ps2 hardware wise. so why would you asume the ps4 would be this great system when you don't know what sony will release. especially sins sony is in financial trouble.

Hatsune-Miku2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

NES fanatics are so funny. I would expect to pay more money for quality so I expect next gen systems xbox 720 and ps4 to cost more than the last gen Wii u. The Wii u has specs and tech. that are over 6 years old and a lot that are older than that but Nintendo is selling it at a premium.

Ps1 was on the market 2.5 years before the ultra NES and it was better and more efficient than the n64. Nintendo released a ram add-on so they can keep up with ps1.

Ps2 was released a year and a half before the GameCube and it was a better system than the GameCube. GameCube had a rubbish disc format and was an incomplete system like ultra NES needing ram, 3ds needing a second circle pad add on , Wii needing Wii motion plus and now the Wii u.

PlayStation consoles are always powerful and cutting edge for its time. Probably 20 years after DVD introduction Nintendo will have a console that could play it, I wouldn't hold on to hope.

Wii u should copy good things about xbl and psn because there aren't ways around cross game chat, or universal invite system, stream music while playing, and all sorts. Only an idiot would frown upon Wii u adopting great ideas from the other consoles.

Wireless motion controls was started by Sony first eyetoy and sixaxis

L2,R2, L3,R3 dual analog, multiple rumble started by Sony first but nintendo adopted the ideas so adopting more from xbl and psn wouldn't make it the first time.

Anyway, I can't wait for the ps4 which will be way more powerful than Wii u. Metal gear ground zeros, watch dogs , star wars 1313 . I can't wait

chadboban2001d ago

Oh joy, you're back...

What's with you using the term NES fanatics. You're basically saying "Nintendo Entertainment System" fanatics. I think you mean to say Nintendo fanatics, the NES was over 25 years ago man.

Also, grow the hell up. I'm so sick of this fanboy bullcrap in gaming. Console Wars are the equivalent of kids on the playground arguing over who has the better toy.

SonyNGP2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

And people called me pathetic for liking and drawing My Little Pony fan art :/

But I gotta give you credit, Miku-senpai. You do exactly what Nintendo does, and that's regurgitating the same crap :V

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Jinkies2001d ago

Not really

They shouldn't copy them but they should try and make something better.

It's not's called adapting

Hicken2001d ago

As long as they don't "adapt" that pay to play online, I won't have any problems.

metroid322001d ago

All i know is all the wiiu chat videos on youtube look impressive to say the least and theres a community for every game for advice and info which is very good and more in line with what people like doing ie twitter/facebook and with video chat to any1 as long as you have swapped NID's just makes the wiiu way above live or psn in my opinion plus a dual screen experience when using these features makes it even better.

That-Guy2001d ago

Nintendo does strive to be different, but sometimes different isn't enough.

corrus2001d ago

Yeah right Nintendo only copy and now i'll show you
They had copy this for Wii
They had copy this for Wii U

tachy0n2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

im not a fanboy or anything, i actually like to play more on PC than consoles but.....

what you said applies to microsoft too with kinect and smart glass....

copying everything from Sony literally '-'

lets see who will copy the PSVita rear touchpad next.

Sephiroushin2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )


Sony has been working w/ move tech since 2000 so ...

Sarobi2001d ago

If I wanted an Xbox Live experience.. I'd go on Xbox

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