3D Mario and Zelda Wii U launch schedules to be announced in the future

The Zelda Wii U tech demo was one of the first things Nintendo showed off when they unveiled the console back in 2011 but we have heard nothing about a 3D Mario Wii U game. Now Satoru Iwata has said launch schedules for a 3D Mario Wii U game and Zelda Wii U will be announced in the future.

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Freak of Nature1783d ago

I want it too very much! And an all new Mario 3D would go with it very nicely. Zelda's Wii U demo also is something high on my most wanted list.

AmazingBrian1783d ago

Launch schedules announced in the future.... OBVIOUSLY! Dumb article

TheLyonKing1783d ago

Now this is exciting news :)

catch1783d ago

While I am excited to play these games.. How is "they will announce them some day" news? Was there any doubt that would be happening?

ctorretta1783d ago

This. How in the world is this possibly news? "In the future we will tell you when future games are coming out."

bigfish1783d ago

3D metroid by retro studios and i'll buy a Wii U

That-Guy1783d ago

Even though they never go with tech demos, I'd really like to see Zelda's Wii U demo a reality.

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The story is too old to be commented.