Xbox 720: No Breathing Room From Sony This Time Around? The transition of the Xbox 720 and the Sony PS4 have been too long in the coming. This was what the CEO of Ubisoft recently said. Michael Pachter has been talking again and he now “gave” a release date for the Sony console, saying that the company did not want to be a year behind Microsoft as they were with the current generation of consoles.

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konnerbllb1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Pachter is wrong more often than right. You can pretty much take what he says and expect the opposite. Xbox will launch first, how long? That's anyone's guess. Could be a day, could months.

After reading the article they are going off of Sony saying that letting MS get a year head start was a bad idea. When asked about next gen at E3 Sony said they have never been first, they have never been cheap. With that type of answer I don't expect them to be on the heels of the next gen xbox.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1817d ago

I think your wrong. PS4 will launch around the same time as Xbox 720 or before.

Akuma-1817d ago

i cant wait to get all next gen consoles xbox 720 and ps4.

Septic1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I actually can't believe it's been 6 years since the advent of this generation of gaming. Doesn't feel like so long but when I think about it, I was in the first year of uni at the time, staring at screenshots of Kameo (something which, ironically, I never bought).

Sony can't afford to be o.n the back foot this time in my opinion.

However, I don't think it would be the end if they did release later IF the specs of their next console are clearly superior in which case, the other two would be in real trouble.

Interesting times ahead. I honestly can't wait for the reveal.

irepbtown1817d ago

I can only wish to get all next gen consoles.
I'll go for PS4 first as I've had every Sony console since PS1 (including PSP and PSP Go).
I'm currently saving up for a Vita but if there's an announcement about the PS4 early next year, I might have to wait longer to get my hands on the Vita.

720 will definitely be on my radar though. If I can afford them both, I will definitely, 100%, grab them with both hands.

Highlife1817d ago


Are you serious, how dare you get both consoles. You need to draw a line in the sand and take a side. Talk crap about the other and only praise yours. You are nothing but a xbot ps3fangirl. /:

Jobesy1817d ago

I'll wait at least a year after PS4/720 comes out to get one. I'll let others be beta testers on the new hardware/software. 1st year bugs always suck.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1817d ago


How dare you talk like that! Console racism will not be accepted on here! Either you get both or join the console wars on here:)

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SuperSonic2661817d ago

Why would sony say they would release the ps4 first? that would just encourage microsoft to beat them to the punch

Sony is acting smart here

konnerbllb1817d ago

Sony and smart don't belong in the same sentence. Wonderbook anyone?

Highlife1817d ago


Surface anyone? Kinect?
Just cause I don't like that stuff doesn't mean they shouldn't make it.
I have no intrest in wonder book but understand that maybe kids will. I think it would be fun to sit with my kids and watch them play that game. But you are too short sided to see that.

fermcr1817d ago

I'll keep a close eye on the consoles (WiiU, PS4, X720) but I'm in no rush to purchase any one of them. I've never purchase a console at launch. Have no preference in a specific console, and i'll chose the one that i find the most interesting. Preferences are for blind fanboys.

Muerte24941817d ago

we're going off of your logic, I guess my "Fanboyism" paid off because my Ps3 still has it's emotion Engine inside. So while everyone is buying HDremakes, I'm just buying the ps2 version for like $3.

Captain Qwark 91817d ago

i disagree. i prefer my 360 more than the others but i still bought a wii and ps3. this upcoming gen i will be buying a ps4 and 720 and i will buy them both on launch day. chances are i will still play my 720 the most but it wouldnt stop me from getting both at launch since being a gamer my whole life, logic tells me they will both provide something unique and worth getting them for

ATi_Elite1817d ago

PS4 will launch 6 months after the Next Box!

Shareholders and a Lower Credit rating will not allow Sony Corp to sit by for another year while Microsoft rakes in free money on a Next gen console with out competition from Sony!

Not happening this time around!

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THC CELL1817d ago

My point will be this dont let Sony rush the ps4 we dont need a ylod moment cause lets.face it the 360 was rushed and blod moment. Dont forget the next consoles will be hotter then current consoles.

TheLyonKing1817d ago

Good move I reckon the ps3 would have been ahead of the 360 if it wasn't a year later but that is in the past now and a new era of consoles are coming.

All consoles past 70 million shipped all have done well.

I can't wait to see these new powerhouses

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

still to comeback after being a year behind makes me think ps4 will out sell 720 if released at the same time. People tend to mention it like it's nothing. I mean a full year + a bad launch? and still come back for second place? And on top of that sony is the only company the focuses on core gamers. I am impressed to see that in today's world. That simple fact make me want sony to be the dominant console next gen like the ps2 days..

I expect ps4 launch to be great.

I have no interest in halo, gears or forza I have (alan wake on pc) That just what it is.

But yeah any console not just sony that focuses on core gaming gets thumbs up for me. Nintendo seems to be heading in that direction I hope.

PirateThom1817d ago

I think it's going to be a case of who blinks first for a release date, both will want to be out first, but they may hold off on release dates until the other releases theirs meaning it will be short notice between announcement and launch.

Fishy Fingers1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

When your investing tens of millions in product design, placement, point of sale, advertising, working with retail partners, software developers etc you have to have a plan in place. You can't simply wait and react to the competition. Launch windows will have been nailed down long before launch or the competitor releasing their schedule.

Dms20121817d ago

lol someone disagreed with that?

SuperSonic2661817d ago

The Playstation is a force! a force that will run through everyone!

I'm calling it, 200m PS4 units sold by 2015

Eyeco1817d ago

A bit too optimistic, i think the PS4 will have healthy sales maybe more than the PS3 if Sony learned their lesson and plays their card's right.

Considering that the PS3 was by far the most expensive console for like 3 years(2-3 times that of the competition when launched) the last console to be launched, had a slow start with games, lost a 3rd party support, and had a weaker marketing strategy, It still managed to snag a phenomenal 70 million sales and still selling, when you consider all those hurdles its a miracle they were ever able to pull through, power of the brand I guess.

Point being if the PS3 can reach a number like that with all those hurdles, if Sony play's their cards right with the PS4 no doubt it'll do better, but 200 million is a bit ridiculous especially in 2 years

Muerte24941817d ago

he was completely serious about that number, just saying. But you're right about the brand. We won't here about Holiday performance until January for Microsoft and February for Sony. Sony has brand power but I believe that Xbox has made a name for itself this generation. I personally, have more faith in Sony's 1st party studios and Microsoft. So this is why I'll probably be picking up a PS4 before and XBox720.

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