4players Farcry 3 review: 66%

Farcry 3 is the ultimate "open sandbox" - the word "World" has no place in it.

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Manthiran1999d ago

I like the open world and exploring new and varied areas. This games seems repetitive from this review. Also, Far cry 2 was repetitive. So i hesitate to buy this. I like to have meaningful reasons to spent the money i make. I dont want it to be too easy to make money and nothign to spend it on. This was the problem i had with the assasin's creed series and gta4. I really wanted to buy the game cuz of soo many good reviews. But this review seems to hit the points i was actually looking for. Now i dont feel like buying it :(

Brandon_25351999d ago

Every other review score for this game has been very high, yet you're listening to the one random review that gives it a poor score? Well, good luck with that.

ethan1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

That's what I was thinking. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but 66% seems a little too harsh on such a great game.

Manthiran1999d ago

Yes lots of good reviews. Guild Wars 2 had really good review. I Bought it. Played it for one day. I hated it. I just dont like the way it controls. The graphics bored me. There were tooo many things going on all very close to each other. Maybe thats just how MMO is and i guess MMO is just now my cup of tea. So i hesitate to buy this game just cuz lots of ppl gave it a good score. The score means nothign if they dont touch upon the things that matter to me!

PPl give good score to Call of duty (for a lack of better example) but i dont like that game. But its still a good game to people that like to do fast pace shooting. Arma 2 did not get a good review, but i thoroughly enjoyed the game. Infact i pirated the game first, but i loved it so much i bought it. same goes for XCOM and Reckoning.

I played far cry 2 and really did not like it. It was just repetitive and not really an open world as i expected it would be. So im not saying this may not be a good game....Iam just wondering if this is a game id enjoy.

modesign1999d ago

someone had to create the troll review and give it a low score.

bronxsta1999d ago

So side missions are not integrated that well into the story, some locales are weirdly placed, and some aspects can get repetitive.

Doesn't seem to really justify a 66%

Manthiran1999d ago

Also they said the world is not diverse enough. Looks the same almost everywhere. Too easy to make money and not really anythign to spend it on. if you compare this to just a regular fps then this deserves the high score i guess. But if you (by you i mean me) expect it to be an rpg shooter like fallout or something then yea i understand the low score...

bronxsta1999d ago

But this is not a RPG shooter. This is an open world FPS with some RPG elements. There's a big difference. If you expecting something like Fallout with dialogue trees, moral choice, putting skill points into melee or stamina or speech, then you may be disappointed

And this isn't Just Cause 2, with jungles, deserts, snowy mountains all on a supposedly tropical island. It's a realistic South Pacific island

How's this for diverse:
(From another review)...
Signs of attempted industry litter the landscape - a sawmill here, a small oil refinery there. Clearly, some have tried to establish honest businesses here in preceding decades, but they have never stuck around.

Before that, Japanese forces used the island as a base during World War II, with the most obvious signs of their occupation being the many hillsides forts and land-to-sea cannons that dot the landscape. Here and there are crashed Japanese fighter planes as well, and if you look hard enough you can find letters from the troops to their superiors and loved ones, letters never delivered. The story revealed when you read them is a heartbreaking tale of madness and obsession, and I hunted down every letter to learn how it all ended for the doomed soldiers.

There are signs of exploration and habitation even further back. The coast is full of shipwrecks, most of them modern steel, though now rusted hulks, but a few are tall-masted wooden vessels from longer ago, and some still hold valuable cargo if you're willing to brave the deep water and the ravenous bull sharks. The native people have left their own mark on the land, from small hilltop shrines to extensive temple and palace complexes, all built from carved stone.

dkeat1999d ago

Nah, I wouldn't call Far Cry an RPG shooter. The amount of NPCs you interact with, duration of conversations, scavenging for items & managing inventory are not found in Far Cry 2, which I prefer. But Far Cry 2 got repetitive w/ like 50 enemy lookout points you had to take over, all pretty much the exact same and a lot of driving in a slow jeep on the same looking dirt road in the jungle.
I don't think one or the other (FPS vs RPG FPS) deserves higher praise over the other. It just depends on your preference. I thought I would love Mass Effect but I'm just not into the genre I guess, it's still a quality game to a lot of people.

1nsomniac1999d ago

I'm playing it & it's awesome, this is a BS review. I also hate it when people argue about other people's personal opinions/reviews but with my hypocrisy in mind I have to say this doesn't deserve that low a score at all. Judge for yourself from the amount of other high scoring reviews.

aawells071999d ago

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