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Tales of Hearts R screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of Tales of Hearts R. (PS Vita, Tales of Hearts R)

-Mika-  +   794d ago
This game looks amazing and here a video showing off the combat.

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NewMonday  +   794d ago
Please please please Namco bring it west
Baylex  +   794d ago
Even if they didn't bring it to the west, they could at least put some english in the game so that people could import the game..
izumo_lee  +   794d ago
As much as we would love to see this game be localized, this is Bamco we are talking about.

The previous Vita Tales of game should have been at least mentioned. We have heard nothing if Tales of Innocence R will be coming over.
profgerbik  +   794d ago
I would not say amazing, this game looks like it was on the PSP. I am not kidding either when I first saw the screenshots I automatically assumed it was the PSP until I read it was for the Vita.

The character animations are cool but the design is awful, the colors are bland, the environments are pretty boring and the character designs are even pretty weak looking.

I am sure it's a fun game just saying it really looks pretty bad for a Vita game graphically. To be even more honest it reminds me of Naruto games on PSP a lot now that I think about it.
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