New Wii U Accessories Soon from Hori & Others

Now that we’ve seen all the first offerings of Wii U accessories, it’s time to turn our eyes to the future. A few companies have already announced that more products are on the way, some are already available to pre-order on places like Others we only have vague details such as the name.

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TXIDarkAvenger2028d ago

I hope another company makes a better accessory that is just the SNES controller.

NintendoGal2028d ago

That would be pretty neat. HORI made one for the GCN if I remember correctly.

sandman2242027d ago

I want to know if the wii u pro controller has rumble. Does anyone know?

sandman2242026d ago

Thank you Nintendogal....youre a sweet heart ;-)

stragomccloud2027d ago

I was the Super Famicom style controller so bad it hurts!