How EA can get people to care about Mass Effect again

Most players probably don’t know that Mass Effect 3’s latest single-player content pack, Omega, is out because they don't care about the franchise anymore. And EA should do something about it.

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Lifeequals421608d ago

I'm through with Mass Effect....

deletingthis346753341608d ago

I am through with BioWare anything, period. Not happy with the direction they are going. They abandoned their loyal fans that made them successful and pander their games to the MTV crowd all for a little extra cash. Sad company is sad.

shempo1607d ago

bash EA not bioware,they r the one telling bioware what to do,how and when.

dedicatedtogamers1608d ago

Bioware's last two great games were Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 1. ME2 was good but simple compared to ME1, DA2 was crap, ME3 was a Hollywood shoot-fest, The Old Republic was (predictably) a huge flop...

The problem is, Bioware simply stopped respecting its fanbase, and we all know why that is (hint: it has to do with who bought them).

shempo1607d ago

again the problem is EA not bioware
they r the one that tell bioware what to do.

dedicatedtogamers1607d ago

@ shempo

But the majority of Bioware's founders and upper management have all left the company. The Old Republic MMO has pretty much gutted the Bioware we once knew and loved, and you can BET that EA took Knights of the Old Republic III and told Bioware to make it an MMO, based on all of the voice acting that was done.

Christopher1608d ago

Gotta agree. I'm through with Mass Effect. Not to say I might not pick up a ME game if it was based on playing someone more like Thane or Kai Leng in a less shooter mode, but it won't be because it's an ME game. It'll be because I think the gameplay is nice.

Their 'management' decisions have left me very underwhelmed. Both ME and DA.

But, it does look like a lot of the effort in narration and storytelling has made its way into their SWtOR team. Too bad they're not making standalone RPGs anymore.

AngelicIceDiamond1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Battlefield, Madden and Fifa among others are still successful.

But Yeah, its amazing how EA's killing there own franchises. Fuse which is a new IP? (Sorry Insomniac) Dragon Age, DeadSpace, ME (sadly) MOH (a huge disappointment) Nobody cares about Army Of 2.

I was begging for Jade Empire 2 but they might mess that up to...

Mirrors 2 edge may God be with you.

otherZinc1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

1. EA needs to Fire Itself.

2. Find a way to bring Commander Shepard back!

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Kamikaze1351608d ago

By not having a single ounce of input. Give Bioware a deadline, fund it, and let them do their own thing.

Christopher1608d ago

One of the problems is that DA2 came out the way it did because they gave them a ridiculous deadline. They need to be lenient and respectful of the process with a deadline.

ravinash1607d ago

It's a bit like taking the goose and squeezing it to get the next golden egg out.

Opps...killed the goose!

NYC_Gamer1608d ago

EA should let Bioware create an rpg instead of some mainstream third person shooter

MxRBrobaFett1608d ago ShowReplies(1)
CalvinKlein1608d ago

Make it on next gen consoles and bring back all the RPG stuff with the improved shooting.

Mostly let me land on planets and stuff and then drive somewhere, get out and kill stuff indoors and then get back into the car and drive around again like in Mass effect 1.

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