Far Cry 3 PS3 Install Size Revealed: 6.2GB

While the Blu-ray drive allows for huge gaming experiences that use up the whole 50GB that the discs can hold, an unfortunate side effect is that a lot of games have to have data installed on the PS3 because the data is read slower. Far Cry 3 is one such games, and PSLS can reveal that the game will take up a whopping 6.2GB.

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ftwrthtx2003d ago

That's a big chunk of game.

dbjj120882003d ago

There are some incredible textures in the game (it seems) so that must make up a bulk of the data.

dazzrazz2003d ago

There are no incredible textures on consoles, everything is low details compared to pc. The only reason they force people to dump most of the game on hdd is extremely slow 2x speed blu ray mounted in ps3 units.

Foolsjoker2003d ago

Not a fan of this becoming the norm for games now.

Dasteru2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


2x Blu ray = 9MB/s
Every 1x increase is a constant 4.5MB/s

Every 1x increase on DVD is 1MB/s max but alternates to nearly half at times.

The reason it needs to install data is because it is uncompressed to make use of the extra storage space on the disk.

More data to read = longer read time = installs to compensate.

rainkore2003d ago

That isn't too terrible. It's no World of Warcraft.

FanboyPunisher2003d ago

36GB I think its around these

But thats a PC platform not PC. Desktops have tons of space and usually multi drives these days.

I'm getting Farcry 3 for PC def, wouldn't want to do injustice by playing it on console and seeing it in its lesser form.

Anon19742003d ago

It's always been a head scratcher for me why installs on PS3 are an evil thing, but no one bats an eye at mammoth PC installs, which we've been doing for decades. I don't know about the slims but it was one screw to remove my PS3 harddrive chassis and upgrade my drive. It's not like storages space should be a concern.

showtimefolks2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


look man i wish PC gamers had their own sites because all any of you do is come on every article and talk about how superior the PC game is which it is. go enjoy it and leave the console gamers to our low textures and bad exclusives

i am sure you can enjoy halo 4,gears3,last of us,uncharted,god of war,zelda,mari etc,,,on PC oh wait

Farcry 3 looks stunning and i can't wait to get my hands on it. next tuesday mess effect trilogy and far cry 3


lol sorry. and i wish you luck in that stay alive part lol

JoGam2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Dude I can't wait till Farcry 33 comes out. Damn you seen footage too? Hopefully im still alive to see it launch. :-)

dirthurts2003d ago

Don't worry. Another year and the new consoles will be looming and things will be a little bit more balanced between pc and consoles again. For a few years.
Some console games do have fantastic textures. It's possible with the right engine.
Don't be dissing the consoles, especially when it's a platform neutral article.

MysticStrummer2003d ago

They do have their own sites, but how can they pretend to be superior if they go to those sites? Most people there have decent gaming PCs, and more than a few will have better tech than the garden variety N4G PC troll has.

chcolatesnw2003d ago

Well after spending 2k on mine i like the bragging rights come with it. And so do others. What if you had a Lamborghini and every neighbour in a 5 block radius had a pos wagon. I would drive up and down and in circles before and after work and every sunday so all them hill billies can see the shiny thing. Its human nature, and i welcome the negatives im going to get from the simple minded fanboys, in fact i embrace them, they make me laugh :DDDDDD

Autodidactdystopia2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I wish console gamers had their own sites to go to all they do is come around here and bitch and discriminate against pc gamers. if you dont wanna hear it go enjoy your low rez stuff you love so much.

this website is for comments... good or bad its gonna happen. LOL

IDGAF about people i just like to argue

but i dont argue when im wrong, that would be....well... wrong.

Ju2003d ago

@chcolatesnw I'd think it's called immature, tbh.

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dbjj120882003d ago

That's so much space. I don't mind deleting the install data of games I'm not playing anymore, but I didn't think my 160gb PS3 would fill up this fast.

Conzul2003d ago

It's what I used. I recommend it so HIGHLY that I used capslock just there. That's how HIGHLY.

It'll hold all your PS+ games, your physical media installs, and a large photo/music/video collection to boot. I have a "Cinema" folder with HD movies that's reached 51GB. These drives also reduce loading screen durations, but won't really increase actual in-game fidelity/performance.

And when the PS4 comes out and has a sub-par HDD inside, just swap it with this one from your PS3.

BigStef712003d ago

Is that the highest you can upgrade your hardrive to? I was looking to get a new one for my ps3 but I wanted one that has a TB of storage capacity. What do you think?

Conzul2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


Well they have one higher tiered model that's 8GBSSD/750GBHDD. That's actually the one I have. It costs ~$130 on newegg right about now.

In a PS3 system, about 690GB of that is recognized. Just go with that one. Totally worth it vs. a slower but larger drive.

insertcoin2003d ago

Sometimes I think the digital revolution is just a conspiracy by the hard drive manufacturers to force me to buy their products and waste my time downloading and deleting and downloading and deleting again.

ftwrthtx2003d ago

They want all of us to invest into their largest, most expensive HDs aruond.

ab5olut10n2003d ago

or in a $99 500GB drive. that too is a thing.

ftwrthtx2003d ago

I have a 500GB HD. It is down to 40GB free. I hate having to redownload games, so I need a bigger drive.

animegamingnerd2003d ago

why did sony ever feel the need for the installs on the PS3 i will never know why

bubblebeam2003d ago

Decreases load times, as Blu-ray reads slower than DVD.

I would love it if they gave the option to install every game. It really isn't a hassle. I just read the manual or get something to eat while it is installing, AND I put up with less issues in the game.

It's a win-win situation.

Siren302003d ago

I've never had a problem with installs either, I usually do my workouts while waiting so I don't feel guilty sitting several hours while playing the game.

animegamingnerd2003d ago

i see why but the problem i had with PS3 installs was that i have a old 40 gig PS3

bubblebeam2003d ago


I understand. I'd hate to be the guy to suggest getting a bigger HD, as the 3rd party ones are very cheap.

I never had that problem myself, as I have an original 'Phat' PS3 (love saying that), and intalls weren't a big issue back then. I ended up buying a slim a few years later, and that's when installs became more popular.

The big boy only gets taken out when I need to play some old PS1 and PS2 games. It is in mint condition.

Oh_Yeah2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Because for most games the ps3 needs them in order to keep performance up to par. The bluray drive spins at speeds of only 2x which is it needs help with streaming the data ya know? That's where the installs to the hard drive come in. Depends on the type of game and how it was coded also.. Such as God of War 3 which is around 40 gbs and it needs no install.

mushroomwig2003d ago

It's not Sony, it's the developers. Look at the Uncharted series, not a single install required.

Ben_Grimm2003d ago

Far Cry 3 is very different in terms of gameplay and design from the Uncharted series.

onandonandon2003d ago

Uncharted takes a few mins to start though

Norrison2003d ago

Uncharted is linear, far cry is open world, get some common sense.

Minato-Namikaze2003d ago

Infamous doesn't have installs does it?

floetry1012003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Infamous doesn't have to be reproduced on 3 different platforms with stricter publishing deadlines either.

Look at it logically. Far Cry 3 is a multi-platform title and unquestionably a much, much larger and more detailed world than either Infamous 1 or 2. Uncharted is made by a development team that know the console inside-out and better than anyone in the business because they produce games EXCLUSIVELY for it.

If people are annoyed by game installations (something that has been happening with games for almost 3 decades), then I weep for the future.

Ju2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I'd guess there is a way to dynamically cache the data. But the fact is, both games load assets from HDD because it is quite faster. And yes, UC is easier to implement because it is linear. Try going backward in the game and you see some hick ups.

Using the HDD to cache data is a great idea. Pre-loading in an open world game makes the whole experience while playing a bit smoother. But true, Infamous2 is "open" and does not install, but probably does just what I mentioned. It dynamically caches textures when loading the first time. Would probably work with FC also, but gives you some "pop ins" at first (???). Level design can also a factor. How assets are placed in the world can make a difference. FC is very "random" in that aspect. Can be another reason that dynamically loading won't work. I'm just speculating, but there are just various reasons why things are implemented how they are.

@above. Ubi took the time to optimize the PS3 quite a bit. So your argument is invalid there. (see link above).

MariaHelFutura2003d ago

Yes Infamous 2 has an install, it is 1.3 GB/1300 MB. But yes, most PS3 exclusive games don't have massive installs.

SoundGamer2003d ago

Borderlands 2 didn't require an install on PS3 either.

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AKS2003d ago

Why do you think a HDD was included with every single PS3? To give you some extra space to download porn?

Having a standard HDD can reduce load times and make things run smoother. It can also reduce the work the Blu-ray drive has to do. Try listening to the Blu-ray drive when you're playing a really demanding game that has no install. It tends to be very busy. I had a BD-ROM drive go out on me before. I'd much rather put the stress on the hard drive than have to replace a Blu-ray drive again.

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yesmynameissumo2003d ago

My 1TB drive laughs at this.

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