Nintendo’s Relentless Quest for Success

IGN: Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata discusses the future of Wii U, the perception of the system, Mario, Zelda and third party support.

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LackTrue4K1790d ago

and people here on N4G say good sales=success

what happen to the Wii or the new Wii-U that is not making them successful???


my very foreign parents refer to every system ive ever played as "nintendo".

just to give you an idea of nintendos success.

GreenRanger1789d ago

AHHH!, he's looking into my soul.

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Monstar1789d ago

whats with the late attitude of Nintendo? they seem overly confident or just simply in fear that they need to start talking shit. Perhaps to make up for their sitty line ups and hardware inferiority and issues. sigh

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