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ZoKnowsGaming: Persona 4 Golden Review

ZoKnowsGaming writes "Persona 4 Golden is a monster of a game. A follow-up to one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played, Golden manages to provide a superior sequel in every sense of the word. And, if you’re a series veteran, I imagine you might enjoy this even more than I did. This is not just a game for fans of social sims and dungeon crawlers; this is a game for people who like great video games." (Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita) 10/10

belac09  +   505d ago
my game of the year by far!!!
izumo_lee  +   504d ago
Ditto! Addictive, engrossing, epic, spectacular, adorable, trippy, emotional, mind-bending, mind-blowing, legendary, there are not enough adjectives to describe how masterful this game is.

edit: I have not seen a game with so many perfect scores like this has received so far.
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belac09  +   503d ago
ive only seen one other game get 1 100/100 score, P4G has 3 100/100's and multiple 10 out of 10's! its AMAZING!!!!!!!

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