Toshiba: "no plans" to adopt Blu-ray

In the Q&A session following Toshiba's HD DVD dumping event in Japan, Atsutoshi Nishida, President and CEO of Toshiba Corporation made a bit of a surprise announcement. While it remains committed to standard DVD, they have "no plan at all at this moment" to take up the Blu-ray format. He also stated that Tosh has no plans for a next-next gen format at all. Perhaps they are just licking their wounds until HD downloads become a reality.

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decapitator3777d ago

Understandable since the announcement of the discontinuation of HDDVD is too long ago. But I expect them to eventually jump aboard to help them recoup losses that HDDVD will bring them.

I doubt they will pass up an opportunity to to make money after all, thats what Corporations exist to do

Hatchetforce3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I seem to remember a headline that said:

Toshiba, No Plan to Drop HD DVD.

Now they are saying No Plan to (who cares what the rest is. If there is money in it they will do it.)

TheExecutive3777d ago

lol there is no way that Toshiba is waiting for DD to hit mainstream. Never quite understood why a hardware manufacturer like Toshiba would want DD anyway... oh wait, they wouldnt.

mistertwoturbo3777d ago

I hate how companies always use the "No Plans" phrase. Come on, regardless if things were planned or not, if it's bound to happen it will happen. Kind of Sony with "No plans for a price drop" and then boom, Dropped in $100. (Not to say it's a bad thing)

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Marty83703777d ago

There's already been rumours that Toshiba are bring out a couple of Blu-ray players.

pharmd3777d ago

just like they had no plans to abandon the HD DVD concept...

GlossGreen3777d ago

how did I get a disagree for quoting the article? I didn't take anything away or add to it. Only 3 words from the quote listed above. Wow, people will argue about anything.

YoMeViet3777d ago

Guess they back to supporting DVDs this gen then...poor Toshiba

DarkSniper3777d ago

Toshiba does not need to bring their failures over the highly successful Blu-Ray Disc format.


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The story is too old to be commented.