PSUni: DmC Demo Impressions

PSUni: "Being a reboot, DmC is a bit of a stitch in my side. It’s a fresh start, yes, but it’s based on an existing IP. Granted, I’m a fan of the Devil May Cry series and, despite misgivings on Dante’s design, am pretty excited for this title. The demo dropped recently, featuring a tutorial level and a boss fight.

Is this new "Dante" as stylish and badass as the original? We check out the reboot's demo on PSN."

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kratos_TheGoat1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

god of war ascension will dominate the new dmC
with game play, graphic & plus voice acting the old Dante
will have been a better choice wrong move for scamcom
$$ god of war for everybody

GSpartan7771969d ago

No one dares to question Kratos!

kratos_TheGoat1969d ago

Hail Kratos the real god of war

Baka-akaB1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

If only it had GoW-A to fend off . Most devil May cry lovers will turn themselves toward MG Rising as well ... on top of the curious MGS fans .

Either way "DmC" deserves a quick mercy sandwich killing

TheMutator1969d ago

please GOD end the world this year and prevent the release date of the crap!!! amen!!

kratos_TheGoat1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

You Should Be Saying Please Kratos Stab The Horrible Voice Acting Dante with the Blade of Olympus for me!!

fei-hung1969d ago

Anonymous should takedown Ninja Theory and Capcom before the release of Tameem May Cry. The Kardashians have deeper gameplay mechanics that the new button mashing TmC and that says something!

oriononer1968d ago

Please for the love of God, can we just have a target lock? Everything else is bad enough, but a lack of lock on just means this game is fundamentally flawed from the get go. How can this be called DMC when a target lock is integral to the combat of past games and missing here?