Eurogamer Exclusive Army of Two footage

Watch Eurogamer co-operate with guns in this exclusive video of Army of Two.

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iMad3745d ago

Looks better than CoD4 multi-player. There is more tactics, so you will not die so often as in CoD4.

marinelife93745d ago

I have to disagree. It looks like they are going for the funny and cheesy game play type. It doesn't look to even be in the same type of genre as COD4.

I'll have to wait for the review scores on this one.

Fishy Fingers3745d ago

Im not exactly sure how you can even compare this to CoD4. They're completely different genres.

Oh and CoD4 is good.

MK_Red3745d ago

Looks much better now but some parts still lack polish and even without them, the game doesn't look new or refreshing. In terms of graphics and gameplay, Army of Two looks much better than Kane & Lynch and Conflict: Denied Ops, the previous co-op centric games but that isn't much considering how awefull they were.

oothebutcheroo3745d ago

this game is alll about being tactical while being a comical as far as the commentary this game looks really good

Regret3745d ago

Looks like GRAW + SOCOM to me.

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