Far Cry 3: 10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome

WC writes: Far Cry 3 stands as one of the few games that really stood tall at this year’s E3, stealing the thunder in effect away from the Wii-U – which was widely criticised for its under-performance at the trade show – with its drastically different style and tone compared to the previous games in the series. Sneaking up on us quickly and delivering a much-needed shot in the arm after the inconsistent thrills of the previous games, Far Cry 3 isn’t just awesome, but it’s one of the most vital, value-for-money experiences on any platform this year, and we’re going to tell you why.

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csreynolds1974d ago

Oh good, another "give us 10 hits instead of one" article...


ab5olut10n1974d ago

That's whatculture's M.O. I can't believe this isn't a GTAV article to be honest. That's usually all they cover.

csreynolds1974d ago

You hit the nail on the head there...

Gamer19821974d ago

Played for 10 minutes on my pc and so far really liking it. It sucks you in from the very first minute and engrosses you.

Mocat1974d ago

That epic feeling when you are being chased in the beginning it's almost like the mw2 chase over favela really nicely done

GusBricker1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Please tell me it has a fast travel system. The travel system(or lack there of)in FC2 ruined the game, IMO.

creeping judas1974d ago

I don't know why, and from all of my friends who played the game, I am the only one who actually didn't mind the long travel sections in FC2?

ab5olut10n1974d ago

i never did either, especially by boat. really added to the atmosphere.

seanpitt231974d ago

Just got my copy through the post canny wait

shammgod1974d ago

i refuse to click through this article for each reason

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