Ratchet and Clank Q Force PSU Review

Ratchet & Clank Q Force (known as Full Frontal Assault in the U.S.), the latest adventure for the dynamic duo, is a great addition to the franchise. Captain Quark, the self-proclaimed hero who is actually a coward, has assembled the Lombax Ratchet and Clank the robot to form the Q Force organisation, tasked with protecting the planets of the galaxy.

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G20WLY1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Christmas present for my sister, sorted* ;)

... ... ...

*...Quietly swipes the code for download to my Vita!

Such a thoughful brother... (Mwahahahaaaa!!)

guitarded771998d ago

Yeah, but you have to wait until January to download :/

Got my copy today... kinda pissed about it.

1998d ago
strigoi8141998d ago

so this a tower defence kind of game?? no adventures what so ever??

Blackcanary1998d ago

this isn't out in the uk yet.