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Why the Wii U may not gain back the hardcore gaming community.

Since the 1980’s, Nintendo has been one of the biggest, most widely known names in the video games industry, and a dominating force in sales, not only with home consoles but also with handhelds, as well as their various video game franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda...you name it. The company’s longest run of success was perhaps from the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment system in 1985, up until about the time the Nintendo Game Cube was released in 2001. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Akuma-  +   877d ago
its because most core gamers arent fools. core gamers know what they want hence the name and most are in the know about the console manufacturers and their recent history.

core gamers got red steel and other low quality offerings on the wii so theyll know that a few core games doesn't mean much. postering or posing like a core gamers machine of choice wont fool many.

when it comes to a company like sony with the playstation brand, the core who are in the know knows that sony has been catering to them from the beginning of playstation and the renaissance of gaming. people often thinks ps move is a failure without realising that playstation focusses on core gamers first and others after. sony would love if ps move was doing better but i have no doubt that no matter the success of ps move that sony would never abandon the core or betray them like nintendo
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ape007  +   877d ago
so if u have a wiiu then you are not a core gamer

and if have a ps3 you are core gamer

that's the N4G logic right, no wonder why everyone makes fun of this site
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Phil32  +   877d ago
Agreed with ape007. The logic on this site just proves that gamers are immature manchildren who would rather play console and fanboy wars than actually play games. Hint: Console manufacturers don't give a damn about you. They give a damn about your money, so stop with the cheerleading.
live2play  +   877d ago
if by hardcore gamers you mean all those 12 year olds screaming insults in your ear then then no
i hope it nevers gains the hardcore

miiverse is PERFECT without them
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ShaunCameron  +   877d ago
And what is a "core" gamer exactly?

@ ape007
<that's the N4G logic right, no wonder why everyone makes fun of this site>

Actually it's no wonder why "core gamers" get no respect in the real world.
neogeo  +   877d ago
A core gamer is someone that is fat, does not shower, lives in moms basement, drinks energy drinks and has low muscle tone.

also tends to have porn addition.
daclynk  +   877d ago
When did Nintendo betray the core. I got my original IPs on wii and I enjoyed every bit of it. so yeah answer me? when did Nintendo leave the core? Fanboys and Haters are so stupid to limit themselves to only one console. i get it if you don't have the money to buy multiply consoles. You are so missing out on many greats games out there. but to brand yourself to a company is so stupid and delusional.
Happy Gaming.
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chriski333  +   877d ago
I have a ps3 sold my 360 2 weeks ago and got lucky about a week ago i picked up a 32gb wii u haven't opened it yet i want to keep kind off but i know i can make some $ off it right now but if nintendo can make some cool core games i might just keep it
MNGamer-N  +   877d ago
Keep it and play Zombi U
kobonline  +   877d ago
One of the most idiotic posts of the day.
AWBrawler  +   877d ago
I'll never understand people who think any of the big 3 cares more for the core than the other. Truth is they care about profits. And for the record the PS1 and PS2 were flooded with casual games well before wii even existed. I assure the 120 million owners of PS2 were not all hardcore. Not even half were. Just look at the sales numbers of hardcore titles. Nothing sold 60 mill
AO1JMM  +   877d ago
Akuma- You are not a core gamer!
deafdani  +   877d ago
"Core gamers in the know", as you call them, would be aware that the Wii had a fuckton of core games: Sin & Punishment, Little King's Story, Mario Galaxy , Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid: Other M, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, No More Heroes 1 & 2, MadWorld, Sonic Colors, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (and Metroid Prime Trilogy), Mario Kart Wii, Smash Bros Brawl, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Zelda Twilight Princess, Zelda Skyward Sword, Excitetruck, Excitebots, all the Trauma Center games, Red Steel 2, Zack & Wiki, Punch Out!! and many more; those are just some games that come to mind.

Or are you one of these deceived people that think that a core game = blood, tits and swearwords?

Also... "Sony would never abandon the core or betray them like Nintendo"? LOL. Get real, dude. They would do exactly what Nintendo did with the Wii if they knew it would earn them thousands of hundreds of millions of dollars. Neither Sony nor Nintendo nor Microsoft do ANYTHING of what they out out of a strange sense of allegiance to their consumers; they do it to sell stuff and earn money. Stop being so naive.

Not that it really matters, anyway, because as I already stated, Nintendo didn't betray the core gamers. They actually made a fuckton of superb games for the Wii, but third party devs didn't. However, the reason that Nintendo changed their strategy with the Wii was because they ended being dead last the previous two console generations... as in, they were pretty much "abandoned", or "betrayed" by the core gamers first.
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Unknow_Master  +   876d ago
he probably squat someone basement just to troll
MNGamer-N  +   877d ago
I love my Wii U so far. The graphics are great, they have some kinks to iron out which we all can expect from a new system. I want to play Pikimin 3 right now tho... Lots of great Nintendo franchises about to drop in the next year or 2.. too many to count. CODBO2 for wii U is amazing, you MFR's kill me so fast I'm embarrassed of myself.
neogeo  +   877d ago
If you have any doubts about the power of your WiiU. Think about this. All the ports that have come out so far are programmed ass backwards and still on par with ps3/360. Yes I said backwards. The ps3/360 are built around a weak gpu and strong cpu's to back esp PS3. The WiiU is completely the opposite. So i'm impressed how the games looks run so well using engines that are not made for it. The future is bright.
Gamer78  +   877d ago
deafdani  +   877d ago
jmc8888  +   877d ago
Renaissance of gaming? Look even in the 1983 crash, people were still expanding their gaming experience, there were just a glut of crap.

Gaming never had a renaissance, because it never took a dive. People refused to buy crap, thus the COMPANIES took a hit and folded. That's a big difference.

Recent history or any history doesn't equate the future, also you might want to realize all of gaming history and even then, it doesn't portend the future. But instead people have this mindset of the future of Nintendo that it's always going to be a 'Wii' system. That's incredibly asinine. It's like saying the X team will always be good. X carmaker will always put out a good car. X this or that is always one way or another. It's just plain false and retarded really.

The fact remains that unlike the Wii, the Wii U can run the same engines the 360/PS3 and most if not all the PS4/720 will run...because hint, the 360/PS3 are already using them.

Therefore there is no reason to think 3rd parties won't put out games on systems capable because they want lower sales of their IP's because they don't want to tap into a big market like Nintendo's consoles are.

Being a core gamer has nothing to do with one's perception of Nintendo. Nor is linking Nintendo's perception across generations, especially when thinking of recent generations and forgetting the earlier ones.

The Wii U is capable of core games, it will receive core games. People think Nintendo is going to go to devs and say....we are not going to let you put a 'core game' on our system.

Do people REALLY THINK that idiotic? Do they really think that Nintendo is run BY an 8 year old? Because for all the 'mature' games many people like to play, me included, a certain subset come up with ideas LIKE an 8 year old.

Wii U has core games, more core games are coming out, and more will continue to come out. People that think otherwise don't know a wheel is round.
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jessupj  +   877d ago
But what happens when the PS4/720 come out and are vastly more powerful than the Wii U and thus 3rd party support disappears?

The core gamer's want a real next gen console. Not a machine that's slightly better than current gen consoles.

As a ps3/pc owner, I have no incentive to buy a wii U.
Gr81  +   877d ago
A pc gamer I'm surprised you even have a ps3 or looking forward to ps4.
Simply because ps3/360 are nothing but jr. Pc's
RFornillos4  +   877d ago
how "vast" would that be, is the question? and how sure are you 3rd parties will abandon Wii U?

the problem with your analysis is that you make it seem that the "graphics-power" difference of the Wii U and the nextbox/ps4 will be similar to that of the Wii/PS3-Xbox360. the reason devs seemingly abandon the Wii was that porting a game to it was too costly, and will immensely affect the quality of the game because of the major difference in hardware specs. this is not the case for Wii U.

recent news are suggesting that PS4 and XBox720 may not even be that "immensely" powerful when compared to Wii U. which means, they would be more powerful than the Wii U, but not much. now, given they are all rumors and not yet final till we hear it from them come E3, i don't think they'll be willing to go ultra-powerful and sell at a loss when they come out.

given that they will only have a slight edge over Wii U, devs would have a reason to go multiplatform for the three, as opposed to going exclusive. take into account that most dev companies (other than first part or 2nd party ones) are driven by sales and not by loyalty to a particular console. if they see that Wii U has a strong installed base, i doubt they will abandon the console. at most, they will go multiplat.

As a PC/Wii/PS3/Xbox360 owner who enjoys games regardless of company, I will buy a Wii U; and whatever the other two will offer.
pedroyamato  +   877d ago
There is no such a thing hardcore gamer.

I play games over 20 yrs and I dont remember listening something like "I am a hardcore gamer" 10 yrs ago. This is a new word created with the HD generation with photorrealist graphics, so now blowing ppl heads just looked a lot more realistic and therefore "too" hardcore for young audiences.

If there is anything as a hardcore game, it is the person than play the hardest games, the biggest challenge, DO NOT MATTER THE PLATAFORM OR GENRE.
My 5 yrs old nephew can clear COD on regular without lose one life, but he could not finish the first world of Mario Galaxy.

Only 15yrs old that believe they need to prove to the world that they are adult call themselves hardcore gamers, I called myself a GAMER. I play the games that are good, thats why I have a PS3, WII, PC, and the next will be wii u, there are wonderful game experience that only nintendo can deliver and thats why everybody should own one.

Stop fanboism
jessupj  +   877d ago
No, there's a very very real difference between a casual and a core gamer.

You really think that person that just plays cod a few hours only on weekends is the same as the person that plays farmville on face book or the person that plays a big variety of games til 100% completion for at least 3 hours every day and 15 hours over the week end?

You think the marketing and advertising executives sit in there board rooms and say "all gamers are the same, herp durp, so we can just make one universally targeted add"?

They'd soon be out of a job if they thought like you.
pedroyamato  +   877d ago
Yes there is causal game styles, core game styles.

But no hardcore and core. Gamers play everything. You cant compare a flash game with a home console game.

I was talking about home console games, and in that way, play mario or COD or battlefield or pokemon dont make you a hardcore game or not.

Actually the easisties games I know are the called "hardcore" ones. I would like you to finish mario galaxy 2 100%, or catch all the 400+ pokemon. That is real core, teenagers that only play cod are not.
taquito  +   877d ago
all the hardcore gamers i know moved on to pc long ago

all the best games, graphics, performance and competition are there, not that console are not without their merits, they are, and have some great exclusives, but they pale in comparisson to the pc's library and versatility
AO1JMM  +   877d ago
Real gamers do not limit their choices to 1 platform.

Real beats hardcore any day.
1upgamer99  +   877d ago
Grueling Voice chat? Microphone and headset separate? Wrong there are wireless headsets with Mic built in already out. If you don't like the Gamepad Use it for your map, HUD, or Second screen and Use the Pro-controller or your Wii Remotes as your primary controller. Black ops 2 Looks better and the Gamepad Adds more to the game than any other console could hope to offer. $60 dollar games? Most retailers have been offering Buy one get one Half off right now. That is a great deal, and some retailers have been offering Wii U games for $49.99 on sale for the holiday season. Lacking in Unique features?Really?...that was the dumbest comment of them all....The Wii U has more Unique features than I have ever seen in a console. You have every kind of controller available. The Web Browser is top notch...Whatever haters going to hate...And frankly most people are not "Core" gamers..All of my friends have more than one system, and own allot of "core" games but frankly most of us that own these games have them to have fun, and not because we are socially inept or spend every waking second we can in a fantasy land. Most of us play games because they are fun. I don't care who disagrees! Nintendo Wii U is an amazing different kind of system and if you don't have one its your loss.
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ozzywazzy  +   877d ago
Nintendo was fine until that abomination of a Wii. They shat on their supporters for a quick buck. End of. The Wii U won't have nearly the same success as the wii.
1upgamer99  +   877d ago
I get what you are saying about Wii, but I still play mine (sometimes). Zelda, Metroid, Golden Eye, Sin and Punishment, Galaxy, and a TON of Virtual Console stuff. Wii U is not the same for me at least. I have PS3 and BOPS2 for it. I bought Wii U rented BOPS2 graphics are a little better, BUT that gamepad made the freaking game! I am not going to buy it for Wii U but now I wish I had waited a week for the Wii U version.

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