New Dead Space 3 Screenshots writes, "Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have sent out a plethora of screenshots today from their upcoming Dead Space 3 – enjoy!"

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Jinkies2004d ago

Oh fantastic more characters to be involved in the story, just what this horror game needs...I mean it worked for RE5/RE6 right /s

Jesus, the enemy design is worse aswell, what happened to the creative Necromorphs

Lets not leave out how generic Issacs new "friend" looks, seriously if they were going to add co-op why not just make Ellie his partner instead, it should of continued straight after DS2. Ellie is even missing that tomboyish charm she had in DS2.

JelalTrueshot2004d ago

I would have liked to see Ellie his partner as well. I think that they went with a similar character for some sort of balance but, with Ellie, they could have played on the contrasts more. Each character really specializing in something.

Jinkies2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

It would of been good with Ellie because she dosen't have a suit, which means if you ARE playing co-op you would have to work together more and protect her. Player 1 as Issac would of been the main character and the protector while Player 2 as Ellie would of been weaker but she would be tasked at climbing a ledge for example to open a door while Issac has to protect her. Least then they could give Ellie some advantages over Issac since, without the suit, she is weaker.

Then when you do a new game plus single player you could swap and play as Ellie for a more tense, difficult experience where you have to rely on an AI to protect you...and yes letting an AI protect you is s*** scary since most of the time they are useless and unrelyable.

She was a strong female character in DS2, now she looks like eye candy who is the damsel in distress.

JelalTrueshot2004d ago

Jinkies, I think you summed up my feelings on this perfectly!

Tdmd2003d ago

Wow, this sounds f* awesome!

Plagasx2004d ago

I missed the days when Issac was all alone and was just this Engineer who was scared shitless.

GTRrocker6662003d ago

I am happy for the changes. I am not afraid of new territory like some people ^