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Failing Kung-fu Superstar Kickstarter proves hardcore gamers' "hatred" for motion control

Kung-fu Superstar, the Kung-fu simulation game that fuses motion controls and traditional gamepad controls, launched a Kickstarter late last month with a fancy video and an endorsement from none other than Peter Molyneux himself. Now, with six days to go, only £31,000 has been raised - nearly £170,000 shy of the target. (Kickstarter, PC, Xbox 360)

majiebeast  +   506d ago
We all know Kinect doesnt work for anything that goes beyond dancing.


Your a pretty sad person arent you? Cant win arguements with your real account so you insult people and their relative's.
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Kratoscar2008  +   506d ago
Molyneux doesnt know.

Yep he is.
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wallis  +   506d ago
It doesn't. Watching kickstarters fail sucks but i don't get how anyone thinks that hardcore gamers give a crap about this. If I wanted to do Kung fu I'd learn it - making me dance around will only highlight the sad reality that I'm not Bruce lee rather than further immersing me in that fantasy. Not only has this been pointed out since the wii it's been proven repeatedly by motion control's total failure at every attempt to capture the market. This is what makes it so sad that this kick starter even existed :/
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nukeitall  +   506d ago
I think it is sad that gamers clamor for "innovation", something "new", and "fresh", yet when we get something that might not be a sequel of something, we don't invest.

If it ain't what you are used to, it ain't good. I only imagine if Bungie didn't bother with Halo on console and we wouldn't have the shooter market on consoles we have today. The tremendous growth in the current generation are due to shooters.

If the gaming industry doesn't merge casuals with hardcore gamers, the core gaming industry will die as a niche market and all we will have left is the Ouyas, the Androids and the i-devices.
Zichu  +   505d ago
How many casuals actually go on the internet, go on N4G and decide to pledge £<insert amount> to something they're unsure about.

If gamers don't think it will be fun, then they are only speaking the truth. They even give you the option to use a controller, so it's not only the motion controls people don't like about it, it's probably the game lol.

I wouldn't like to see a company's project fail, I plan to enter the industry myself and wouldn't want to see my projects fail at all.
lorcraven  +   505d ago
Hardcore gamers don't hate motion controls, they hate half baked inaccurate motion controls. If you played kinect star wars you'll know what I'm talking about. The technology is still in its infancy, so we just have to sit back and wait until motion controls become as refined and developed as other input devices.

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