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GamesBeat Review: The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead is finally over, and Episode 5: No Time Left is the most well-paced, action-packed entry in the series yet. (PC, The Walking Dead: Episode 5 "No Time Left") 90/100

Lifeequals42  +   791d ago
I need to play this series (and watch it on TV).
roblef  +   791d ago
Can't wait to play through this one - what an amazing series.
JeffGrubb  +   791d ago
It's soooooo good.
darkronin229  +   791d ago
Agreed. It may have been the shortest of the bunch, but wow was it good. Can't remember the last time a game actually moved me to tears.
barefootgamer  +   791d ago
[insert usual Aerith comment here]
darkronin229  +   791d ago
Hah, in my 4th grade mind at the time it came out, I was more pissed than sad when she died because I just managed to learn her last Limit Break maybe an hour before it happened
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wita  +   791d ago
I totally need to play this, asap! Everyone's been saying such good things about it.
TryMe  +   791d ago
you truly should. it's really, really good.

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