Brace Yourself For the Return of the Console Wars

I hate the term fanboy, I really do. It is obnoxious and pigeonholes people into a box for being a fan of one thing or another while disliking the competition. What is sad is that with language comes change, and like it or not, some words become a part of the collective consciousness, and at this point, fanboy or fangirl is a part of the English language. So of course, a fanboy/fangirl is someone who is an obsessive fan to an extreme degree. For the past few years, while it is safe to say that there has been fanboyism in the gaming world, a lot of the vitriol and public displays have died down a bit because of the rhythm that we have sunk into. The Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have all been out for a number of years, and the battles between fans have died down and everyone is pretty comfortable where they are.

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TheLyonKing1971d ago

I am waiting to get my wii U here in the UK but I feel that the wii U will be left aside again just like the wii was with the ps3/360.

However I may be wrong but I just feel that maaaaybe at the start the wii U will be in the same league as ps4/720 but in the long term it will be forgotten in the console war

Jinkies1971d ago

"but I feel that the wii U will be left aside again just like the wii was with the ps3/360."

I don't think it will be as bad but it still won't be enough for developers with big blockbuster third party games to go

"Oh yes, we can finally develop (for example) Crysis 4/ Elder Scrolls 6/ GTA6 on all consoles without dumbing the game too much"

eferreira1971d ago

right now its good for developers but when Sony and MS launch their new consoles they will have to sacrifice some stuff.

Army_of_Darkness1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

If anything, the worst that can happen is lower res graphics compared to the ps4/x720. Besides, Nintendo owners won't really care to much about that anyways... as long as it's fun right;-)

darthv721971d ago

An automatic assumption that the ps4/720 will be radically different than the modest improvements made to the wii-u?

The next iterations will follow the evolutionary path all other consoles have. They will have some improvements but they will be at the level of cost effectiveness.

I mean seriously, both 360 and ps3 could benefit with more internal memory and the 360 could really benefit from higher capacity media. To think we will get the PC style of improvements is a bit of a stretch.

The units will get a bump, no argument there but the ultimate goal from Ms and Sony looks to be about convenience and adding features or improving features to make a well rounded platform. Even more so than now.

Nintendo raised their bar just as Ms and Sony will raise theirs but there is a cost concern and return on investment all companies strive to achieve. You won't be disappointed by their next systems if you are interested in what they have to offer. If you are only a bleeding edge tech nerd...there may be som disappoint.

mcstorm1970d ago

@darthv72 well said. I really don't get why people on here keep talking about power. Sony fan boys keep telling us how much more powerful the PS3 is than the 360 and Wii and that sony is all about power. They seem to forget that the PSX and PS2 were the lest powerful of there gens.

Its all about how games play not how they look. Yes having good looking games is good but not what makes a game. Look at COD. Not the best looking game out there but a lot of people love the game. Even Mario games don't look amazing but they are fun to play and sell millions.

I cant wait to get my WiiU tomorrow and have abit of HD Mario and ZombieU.

dantesparda1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

People are delusional if they think that that wiiu is the best a system can get for the price today. And a year is a long time in the computer world, prices can come down alot in a year and presumably Sony and MS wont have to spend money on a screened controller, so "yes" the ps4/720 can be a lot more powerful. Not to mention, they won have a gimped (Read: over a decade old PowerPC750 derivative) CPU or bad/ridiculously low bandwidth buses

The wiiu is a badly designed system, that cuts corners where ever possible. Why do you think nintendo wanted it to dissapate such low heat/wattages? Its so they can put a cheaper cooling system in it. The whole system is designed to make it as cheap as possible for nintendo. The only reason they couldnt get a cheaper GPU in it is because nobody produces a weaker one for less than what its got.

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hennessey861971d ago

There has been a console war, someone could have told me I've been busy playing on my ps3 and 360 to notice.

deafdani1971d ago

Really? Seeing the comments section of pretty much any console article posted on N4G, I'd say console wars never went away. And they never will, unless game consoles cease to exist altogether.

rainslacker1971d ago

Naa, if they went away the war would exist still. They'd just talk about who was the best in their time.

MultiConsoleGamer1971d ago

N4G itself was designed to fan the fires of the console wars. The profitability of this site depends on fanboy bickering to drive hits and page views.

I have also recently learned that the owners of this site also own some of the more dubious and outrageous fanboy sites you see linked to this site.

EVILDEAD3601971d ago

That is tell..

MikeMyers1971d ago

That's likely true. Ever notice how the most popular topics either share a negative tone (Vita is doomed or the Wii U and its problems type of stuff) or are ones that highlight the console wars?

It's pretty sad people get so wrapped up over such petty things.

miyamoto1971d ago

@ mcg

interesting, that's how their business runs


there is no console wars only fanboy or fanatics' word war.

some people make sensible arguments but many are purely sentimental, emotional, delusional and not factual & make no sense at all

Eyeco1970d ago

Lol arguing over pieces of plastic and corporate billionaire companies that want nothing more than your money , is kinda silly when you think of it

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rpd1231970d ago

Or if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo made a mega console.

Elwenil1971d ago

Return? Did they ever stop?

Droid Control1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

War never ends.

The tools we use just get more sophisticated.

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