G4TV- Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Review

G4TV- Black Ops Declassified is a disservice to the Call of Duty franchise. Its sins are so atrocious that Activision really ought to address whatever it was that happened here publicly. This is a broken game, and perhaps a half-finished game.

It isn't worth your money or your time, and it effectively kills the PS Vita's chances of ending its launch year with at least one quality portable FPS in the books. You know there's a serious problem when the highlight feature of the package is an included download of the so-so (but still better) PSP game, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

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TheLyonKing2002d ago

Always one review, I am not a huge fan of call of duty but activision do make the game to a good standard and I played it at my friends and i feel its a lot better than the last two games.

This seems very much a bi-est review which i hate seeing as I think all games no matter what your personal opinion on them should be reviewed equally and without pre judgement which is what clearly the reviewer has done

Ilovetheps42002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Just a little note, but Activision did not make this game. Nihilistic did. This is Declassified. The Vita game that has a 32 on Metacritic. It definitely isn't getting good reviews in too many other places. It might not be as bias as you think. It might actually just be a bad game.

TheLyonKing2002d ago

oh didn't realize that thanks for that, I still do not think a 0.5 is justified though my friends got a vita will get him to check it out but I seriously doubt the game can be as bad as they are making it out to be

zebramocha2002d ago

@theps3 activison was suppose to have developed the game but some nihilistic got hold of the game with 6-8 month dev cycle.

Ilovetheps42002d ago

Lyon, I would agree with you on that. I doubt it is THAT bad.

andibandit2002d ago

Its not evem worth discussing if the game deserved 0.
5 or 1.5

dboyman2002d ago

@zebramocha @Iluvtheps3 From what I heard, activision did not to actually develop for the PS Vita, Sony resorted to using nihilistic. Seems to be a big problem for PS Vita. Many third parties are wary developing for it....

GuruStarr782002d ago

Yeah.... I've got the game... it's pretty bad..

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LOGICWINS2002d ago

This is probably the worst reviewed game in G4 history. Worse than Aquaman and Vampire Rain lol

Blastoise2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Actually I think they gave steel battatlion the same, I think that was the game that introduced the half star rating lol

sincitysir12002d ago

yeah but theyre no longer gamers. they are for the snazzy hip boy toy crowd. they dont count

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Punch-o2002d ago

I'm not a huge cod fan but...the game isn't that bad.I'm actually having fun with the multiplayer.

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