The first five games in the Tomb Raider series are now available on Steam

For the first time on steam you can buy the first five games in the Tomb Raider series.

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ThatEnglishDude2126d ago

They simple ripped the versions found on In the games' directory there's files relating to GoodOldGames (gogwrap.exe for instance) and priced at $9.99 each, it's a bit of a stretch.

I understand some people, myself included, like all their games in one central location and not have to worry about multiple accounts, but $10 each? damn.

taquito2126d ago

this Christmas expect a HUGE sale, bet there will be a tomb raider complete, with all games in the entire series for $40 or something (excluding the newest reboot, that will be in the summer sale)

just gotta wait for those amazing steam sales!

dirthurts2126d ago

The first few games, while great in their day, really don't hold up today.
The controls, man, the controls.
Side note, huge Tomb Raider fan. Have owned everyone one.

ThatEnglishDude2126d ago

I dunno dude, I don't find games age at all for me. Especially ones I liked. I have NEVER had an issue with the tank or grid like controls of say Tomb Raider or Resident Evil and have always adapted to them just as well, or better than, 3D controls in most cases.

That said, I will freely admit that if anything, these games have become a lot more scarier than I ever remember them being. I know I probably sound like a complete coward, but I genuinely refuse to play the Tomb Raider II level '40 Fathoms' because it scares me so much. The immediate threat and danger of being underwater, on a timer, pitch black, large area, low visibility and most of all...THE GODDAMN SHARKS! For some reason, badly rendered polygons and models suddenly clipping into frame from behind me gets me on edge all the time. Plus my stupidly insane fear of sharks.

dirthurts2126d ago

ha ha. That is sooo true. Resident Evil 2 scared the crap out of me. There really are no games out there that are truly terrifying these days...
I never found tomb raider to be scary...until the t-rex! ha ha. And that was like 10 minutes in...
Great times. :)
I still hate the controls though :p
Picking up a flare has never been so hard.