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Regardless of the fact that it has the show’s actual voice cast, regardless of the fact that the its cel-shaded graphics make it look exactly like a Family Guy episode, regardless of the fact that Seth MacFarlane himself had a hand in developing it, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse somehow manages to screw it all up.

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hop3lessfray1844d ago

I remember. This one time. This show used to be funny.


spektical1843d ago

i still think its funny. I have lots of laughs still.

hop3lessfray1843d ago

I just prefer the evil tyrant Stewie over the flaming homosexual Stewie.

ziggurcat1843d ago

it was never funny.

also, 1.9 is far too generous of a score.

RavageX1843d ago

I thought it was funny when it first started for a few episodes. It seemed less random then(I think). Last few times I tried watching it the show just seemed like a bunch of random nonsense.

PS3Freak1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

It's actually quite the opposite.

The original episodes were extremely random and consisted of several cutaways. Now they have dramatically reduced the amount of cutaways ("Remember the time when") and attempted to keep the episodes focused on 1 or 2 main topics.

RavageX1843d ago

It's been a really long time since I've watched so you could be quite right. I don't even watch tv anymore.

Regardless, more power to the people that like it I suppose.