It's So Cold In The Z - War Z Developers Trying To Cash In

A couple a months ago, we covered a little mod called DayZ for the popular military simulator ArmA II. The mod is a little buggy so a handful of rival developers jumped together and created War Z.

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bubblebeam1339d ago

Quite a terrifying (and well written) read . Especially with that black background.

Hopefully people will stand up for once. I wouldn't support those cons at all.

Nicaragua1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

I looked into War Z as i liked the premise of Day Z but with less hacking - which is what the War Z developers promised.

Then i read up on the game its own forums and what i saw put me right off. Pretty much anyone who has played it says that it is a total rip off and a buggy, thrown together piece of shit. The responses from the developers seem to have nothing but contempt for their customers.

Anyone considering this game would be better off waiting for the standalone Day Z.

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Bolts1339d ago

The War Z is obvious a cash grab scam. This game is nothing more than a War Inc mod disguised as retail product. It will take years for the dev to deliver on what they promised.

Unztayble1339d ago

It's so cold in the D!...

Worst song ever.

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