GTA sales hit 125 million, as Take2 promise no yearly sequels

Grand Theft Auto is more like James Bond than Call Of Duty, that’s according to Take-Two Interactive (owners of Rockstar Games) CEO Strauss Zelnick – who said that by not being released every single year it kept the series ‘special’.

As reported by GameSpot, Zelnick was speaking at the Credit Suisse 2012 Technology Conference, where he praised Call Of Duty as a ‘quality product’ but said that Activision’s yearly release schedule was not the business model for him.

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nrvalleytime1844d ago

And let's hope it always stays this way.

hennessey861844d ago

Only release quality and quality takes time.

Lovable1844d ago

Yap I agree. Duke Nukem and Too Human sure was amazing games. I've thoroughly enjoyed both.

BlackTar1871843d ago

Lovable I liked too human

animegamingnerd1843d ago

rockstar and valve are the only two companies in this industry i have respect for

BlackTar1871843d ago

not naughty dog? Or Bungie? come on

animegamingnerd1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

not really a fan of naughty dog games and aside from halo i haven't play anything from bungie

FunAndGun1843d ago

lol, you bring up Bethesda?

yeah right!!

animegamingnerd1843d ago

the way they have been treating PS3 users all gen i have no respected for them

-MD-1843d ago

You should probably look into CD Projekt RED then.

Brownghost1843d ago

Free dlc is the way to go.

SephirothX211843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Bethesda still are great developers. I know they should have put in a lot more effort into the PS3 versions of their games but they do make great rpgs. On pc, Skyrim is excellent and the mods and the Creation Kit are fantastic.

On topic. I love GTA and the length between each release certainly makes it special. That and the fact that Rockstar North have some of the most talented developers in the industry. Give talented developers plenty of time to work and the result is quality.

Kur01843d ago

you must have a short memory if you're willing to forget how buggy the PC version was and how unoptimized the UI was.