A Dragon Age III Next-Gen Mystery, A Star Wars Theory And Some Gaming Secrets

Kotaku- The mysterious person known as Superannuation shows up every two weeks like a new paycheck, if you had a job that paid you in gaming rumors and secrets, all sourced to publicly available information.

What was hiding in plain sight this time? Plenty, though in this edition, Superannuation is seeing if the available evidence adds up to, of all things, a next-gen Dragon Age and a multiplayer Star Wars game. You be the judge. The evidence follows.

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NYC_Gamer2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

I'd rather Bioware just delay all of their titles until they find out how to create rpgs again

animegamingnerd2028d ago

agree until bioware actually knows what a RPG is i will be boycotting even game they release

deletingthis346753342028d ago

Doubt BioWare will ever make a worthwhile RPG again. They are hungry for some extra money and want the MTV crowd, not their loyal and supporting fans.

cleft52028d ago

Kind of harsh, but I get what you are saying. My fear is that EA Bioware will decide a pure rpg game is no longer a profitable enough venture and we never get a return or anything close to DA1. DA1 certainly had it's problems, but that game did so much right.

I would love the depth of DA1 combined with some of the gameplay and graphics of DA2. But yeah, I get what you are saying, I just don't think waiting to next-gen will solve the problem, but I am going to agree with you.

Saryk2028d ago

I like the Dragon Age series, so can't wait for that. Mass Effect will be a awesome return if in a new direction. Star Wars under new leadership can go either way, but I bet, damn good!
Going to be a nice ride in the next couple of years. I hope my old ass can handle it.................

League_of_Draven2028d ago

Dragon Age 3 won't be a next-gen game. Besides, the game will read your save data and the choices you made in the last 2 games will carry over to the 3rd one. Not to mention that Sony isn't going to stop having games made for the PS3 even if the PS4 is out by then.