Xbox LIVE Activity for week of November 19

Microsoft has released Xbox Live’s activity charts for the week ending November 19. Black Ops 2, which released on November 13th, managed to reclaim the top spot for the Call of Duty franchise. Halo 4, which occupied the top spot the week prior, came in second. Minecraft, Modern Warfare 3, and FIFA 13 rounded out the top five.

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GraveLord1970d ago

Poor Halo, barely was #1 for 1 week.
Now Black Ops 2 is #1 and here to stay for another year!

hennessey861970d ago

Requires skill to play, cod is for a bit of fun. Hense why a lot of people play it.

GearSkiN1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

yup halo is more skill base u actually have to aim and be accurate were COD is more about who could aim, see first. cod doesnt worry about headshot, unless u have a sniper( not even a snipe most of the time). its all about body in COD.

Shadonic1970d ago

unless minecraft possiby comes back

FarCryLover1821969d ago

How is Minecraft so popular? I own it but rarely play. It depresses me terribly.